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Malaikat dan Syaitan

Walaueh..the competition for Ms SEL kinda sengit rite? Like will have 3 draws onli? However..we can onli have one winner ler. We shall know who the true one is by tonite.

Anyway..i've just(after almost 2 months plus i think) finished reading Dan Brown's "Angels & Demons"(courtesy of Elaine). With my cekap A1 in Bahasa..i'm quite confident that the translation is "Malaikat dan Syaitan"..correct me if i'm wrong..wakaka. The thing about Dan Brown's work is : He always tends to make his readers question his/her faith..but in the end..he will not guide u whether to believe or not to believe..but rather makes ur mind clearer whether to believe or not to believe(< this a sentence?). Anyway..u'll have to read the book to understand wat i meant. Coming back to A&D, i would have to say that it's as good as "The Da Vinci Code"(which i've read much earlier). The story is good..the plot is kanchiong. However..coz i've read TDVC..i kinda like know how's Dan Brown's style of writing n have correctly guessed the ending(damn..i dun like this happening). He's style is a double twist at the end. was enjoyable.

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A&D and TDVC. I really love books..not really in reading them(onli some which interest me)..but rather in their cover, their smell, the idea that every book contains a work of somebody.

Towards the end..i discovered this :

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For those who have the book..turn to page 539.

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Mortati looked shattered. "What do you mean? He was honest! He...loved you."(<--the you in this sentence is referring to a guy..sounds gay hor?) But the best part was the following : "And I him."(<--WTF?!? AND I HIM?) So i proudly kindly used a pencil to add the missing word : "And I loved him." I can't believe i'm correcting Dan Brown's work..i'm so fei.

For dear HooiEan aka miss i-dun-frequently-chat-on-msn :
kinda - kind of.
rite - right.
onli - only.
tonite - tonight.
wakaka - expression of joy/laughter. literally means "haha".
walau - expression of disbelief. literally means "really?".
wat - what.
coz - because.
dun - don't.
WTF - expression of anger and disbelief. WHAT THE F***?!?
aka - also known as.

Please learn up these 11 terms..there WILL be a test.


A&D is ok but i find the da vinci code more erudite in a sense, not that i believe everything in it that is.
and the part where the male antagonist was falling from the sky? that's a bit incredible isn't it.
not being the language professor here but i think there's no grammar mistake there. seen some instances of this form being used. it's the same as 'and i loved him (too)'.
can't wait for dan's upcoming novel, the solomon key.

Derek said...
3:22 PM  

i think the mistake was a missing comma. :p

"and i, him"


nice lar. but i like da vinci better. have u checked out the trailer? damn cun wei. :p can't wait.!! >.<"

jiin said...
7:19 PM  

yeap..if it was a something like : "and i..him." then it's prob. but : "and i him."..strange.

read the book liao watch the movie dunno will no kick anot hor? hopefully won't la..hehe.

E-quan said...
8:59 PM  

"and i him" is actually grammatically correct.. oh well. it depends on the author, really. anyway i have yet to read the book but i suppose it must be a good one. :)

et said...
12:01 AM  

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