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Ms 'Yeng' SEL(Final)

Ladies n gentlemen, boys n is time. But before that..

Advertisement : My pa Miss Wong has moved! Apparently her friendster account was HACKED(damn..she's becoming more like xiaxue every day) n she can't access her blog anymore. But she is strong..she will u all can visit her at [].

Ok..serious matter now. It turns out that the Miss 'Yeng' SEL poll received overwhelming support! We even had 2 ties in the polls : Group A and Group E. So since like that..we'll have to have a 8-person final..just to be fair. The poll will be closed on this coming Sunday(19/02/06) nite. So i would recommend that u all check back at Sunday nite to see who won so u could congratulate her in person the following day in class..hehe. Let me Ctrl-C n Ctrl-V u go :
ATT : I will oso do an interview with the winner n put up a big-ass(means big la) photo of her on this blog(if she allows). Isn't this blog confirm cekap?

Hopefully she'll allow the interview to be done la(fingers crossed). wisely :

Miss Yeng SEL (Final)
Whos 4SEL most yeng girl?
Hooi Min
Lih Huey
Mooi Mooi
Pei Li
Suei Huey
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