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Define "stupid"

U know wat is "stupid"? No..i dun think u know.

Waking up at 12pm..checked TGV online to try n book tomorrow's tickets for "Fearless" find that tomorrow's are not available for booking. Thinking that, "Damn..this movie sure damn hot..n it's a Friday..must be TGV stop the online booking"..i straight contacted my frens to confirm who wanna watch so i can go to town to get the tickets personally coz i scared if buy tomolo sure sold out 1. I am great, ain't I?

Time : 1pm. Embarked on my journey to jam..half an hr onli berjaya reach Jusco. Got to TGV..shocked..long queue..damn. Lined up for 15minutes onli can reach the counter front desk..asked, "Ten tickets for Fearless tomorrow 9:30pm." U know wat the guy said? "Tomorrow's tickets not available yet..tomorrow onli start sell." !$!%#^$#&%&#!...gawd..can dun treat me like this? Damn..have to go back with nothing. Wait..there're better things installed for me yet.

Time : 2pm. Reached home. Told family n frens about the unfruitful journey. Then sat down in front of the com..checked TGV online again..!$!%#^$#&%..THE FRIDAY TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE FOR BOOKING LIAO!!!

Now..this is called "stupid".


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