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200 GIGAbytes!

ATT : Miss 'Yeng' SEL (Final) poll is at the bottom. If any1 of u can't vote plz leave a comprain note at the comments..becoz this stupid web-poll thing is giving a lot of problems. And the polls pula can onli support up to 7 choices of answers..damn.

I've almost always dun have enough disk space on my 40G hard disk(becoz i'm a download-freak..n i'm gawd-damn nostalgic..i can't make myself to delete useless old files). After i've bought my became worse : With a 3-megapixels setting..every event shooting adds almost 50MB of burden to my Western Digital. So after some deliberation..i've finally made up my mind to add an extra storage to support my digital needs(<--now that's a good phrase). I present to u :

Maxtor 160GB(7200rpm, 8MB) hard disk. RM272(plus the IDE cable). I'm officially broke =(. At least i'm not as big a spender like somebody..rm600 in 2 weeks..can die.

Because i'm a computer guru techno-savvy n i like to experiment..almost every additional things added to my com was done in a DIY style..this one included. Anyway..i hate having to send my CPU to a not-so-professional technician to do the job where u almost always gets something wrong when it's returned to u(sometimes scratches to ur CPU casing..arrgghh!!!). Besides..who would be dumb enough to pay some1 just to install a simple hard drive?(haha..i see some of my coursemates fuming..just kidding wei)

See kid on the block. 40G + 160G = 200G!

Anyways..for the technical ppl : I've totally undisturbed the original 40G hd..the operating system is still intact. Set the 40G hd to 160G as master..formatted the master..installed a new operating system. Why..u ask. Well..i SHOULD run my OS on my new hd since it's a faster one..besides..i'm a nostalgic(refer above) guy..i just didn't wanna format my old partitions. This one is a cekap 1 : Just in case the OS on my new hd crashes(choi!)..i could just boot up my old one(becoz the OS is still good) n rescue any files from my new one. Impossible u say? Wrong..becoz i've experimented with it..n it works!


Get a DVD-burner, that easily solves the problem of disk space.

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