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This Sunday is a great Sunday indeed. Not working and no calls from company nor clients. Great great far.

I hadn't been blogging for quite some time already. Sometimes I have this great need to write something down, but when I turn on the PC, I'd rather be facebooking instead. Such is the power of FB! Or, I'd be watching some great performances on youtube (or some funny baby videos that I like alot..hehe).

This is not going to be a picture-filled post, though I really have quite a number of photos I'd like to share. Today, we are going to talk about something serious--your life! For those who are unaware, I just turned 25 last 2nd of Nov 2009. I'm like what..quarter-of-a-century old?

Have you had those moments when you thought, "Oh man..I'm not young any more..I should have achieved something already!!!" I'm having those moments more and more lately. Jiin mentioned that she doesn't want to be a cheap labour and urban poor any more. I guess she must've had those moments too. I'm sure nobody wants to be a cheap labour but if you really REALLY feel despised on being treated unequal of your talent and true capability, you should be doing something about it.

#1 You could start being your own boss!
Wait, should I be opening a shop and selling something? But..I have no modal, renting a place, electricity and water, everything is money.

#2 Fear not, because of the great INTERNET, you could sell something online!
But, wtf, everybody's doing this already! What are you going to sell? Teenagers clothes with lots of fancy photos and stuffs? Erm, not sure if that's gonna work these days.

You know what, all of these are excuses. There's this devil in your mind called "Lazy" which is influencing you and telling you that you are doing great at whatever you are doing. Why try something new? It might be risky and dangerous! To tell the truth, this devil is quite strong in my mind. I hate it when he's limiting what I should try or do..but what he's saying sounds so "true" (wtf, the last sentence actually rhymes!).

Ok, let's say I do not have talent of being a boss. Then I shall be the best employee ever and climb up the corporate ladder. You know what, a new Regional Business Unit Manager aka Big Boss will be coming to work in my company soon and I heard he's only 34! Of course he is angmoh and sometimes that helps too but I guess somehow, he must have something extra that propels him to the top at the shortest time.

I'm in the midst of finding this quality!!! How can you be a top performer, where you will not be envied by your boss, and your boss will so appreciate you that he will give you a promotion? how? Should we stay in the same company for a long time to climb the ladder, or should be jump here and there when there's opportunity?







You get my point yet? Hahaha..

- - - - - - -

On another note, have anyone of you watch this Enfagrow advertisement before?

I'm like totally touched by this. Feel so awesome. Cry cry -_-

p/s: The mom's totally pretty!!!

I promise..

I will blog soon. -_-|||