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Movie Mania

Woh, syiok betul. Keep watch movie nia. Last Sunday watch early bird Batman(rm7). Wed watch super wednesday Hellboy(rm8). And just this morning watch early bird again Red Cliff(rm7).

From paling suka to tak suka i'll rate as follow
- Batman
- Red Cliff (<- Tak sangka!)
- Hellboy

Scenes from Batman that was memorable(in my humble opinion):

Edison's appearance of say..3 seconds!
Edison: I'm afraid I'll have to check you cell, Sir.
Wakakakakaa!!! Tamade, this is how you treat my idol, Hollywood?!?
Eh, so how did Joker got his scars har? The Dad story or the Wife story. Damn paria him..keep tipu ppl.

Scenes from Red Cliff that was memorable(in my humble opinion):
Tony Leung's Assistant: Eh, Takeshi, why you leave so fast? Noneed discuss the war strategy meh?
Takeshi: From Tony's gu zheng's music I know that this is a war he WILL FIGHT!
CCB, like this oso can.

Scenes from Hell Boy that was memorable(in my humble opinion):
Some drunkard: You're HellBoy rite?
HellBoy: Yeah! (enthusiastic coz somebody recognizes him)
The same drunkard: You're UGLY man!
HellBoy: CCB.
Another nice part was:
(I can't smile without playing in the background)
HellBoy: Hoi, what are you listening?!?
(music straight change to some classical pieces)
Abe Sapien: It's VIVALDI's blah blah.. betul. Hahaha.

K la, just some sharing. Looking to MUMMY next!

I went to work at 8am on Friday and left the office at 7:30am on Saturday. WTF!
This is my first time working 24hrs straight. This is crazy man.

The products were supposed to be packed and shipped out on Sat but they weren't even ready on Fri. It's always like this: When bad things don't come, they don't. When they do, they come all at once.
-Wrong design
-Faulty parts
-Incomplete wiring
-Wrong wiring
-and other fucks

Product oh product. Please don't explode on site. I dowan to go to site to fix you. Haha.

But it was a good experience. Really. To see this small bunch of grass roots of the organization working their asses off makes me feel touched and emotional. These are the guys who make the organization work! How I wish there were some bosses around who would buy us dinner/supper and motivate us on. But there were none, zero, nil, zilch. You know la, Friday ma, work late, siao meh.

- - - - - - -

On a lighter note, really looking forward to the month of August. Got perhentian trip with Elaine early of the month and Alan Tam's Genting concert end of the month. SYIOK!

Just came back from one day trip down to Melaka. Tiring betul. Woke up at 4:30am for the trip. Now I can go inside the Petronas Refinery in Sg. Udang d. Not that it means anything to you. Haha. Nevermind.

I had the most wonderfullest volleyball practice yesterday. There's this friendly-sportsmanship-mengeratkanhubungan match between my company and the singapore branch coming soon in august and i'm trying out to represent my company. HUIYOH...cheh.

So there's like this practice every week but yesterday's was special betul. Cukup in-form(in my humble opinion lah). Could do some paria spikes(haha), and paling best was set one cekap one for my teammate. And he spiked wonderfully! Din know assist is so fun! Wah made, i so syiok sendiri now. Wakakakakaa. Beh tahan.

More good news, i've been shortlisted! Actually there are not many to choose from oso la(paiseh to say but like nobody interested in volleyball nia). But happy oso la. Can play happy d.

Show u all one volleyball youtube i found. Dasyat betul. U see the fellar jump how high. CRAZEEE!!!

This is like totally irrelevant but wan share with u all one thai song.

Damn like korean song rite? I love it!