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Hi all. Noticed the green stripe background and the nice utm banner? This is to coincide with the finale of our uni life. 5 years..phew..passed just like that..FUYOH(digi craze)!

For this post, if u have any dedications to the rest of our coursemates, or any special dedication to just one coursemate(hehe), please do not hesitate to do so by posting it in the comments page. Of coz there is no forcing it if u wish to..dun do means u "chuan" lor. Like maybe lowkei did our contacts' list, so i do the dedications list..something like that. Anyway, registration to post a comment is not needed so u won't find it difficult to do so.

My dedication to u guys can be found in there too. So, DEDICATE AWAY!

If you chance upon this post without being my usual reader, it is most likely you came here from reading my thesis. That's GREAT! I provided a link in my thesis to here for people who want to try out the program that I have written.

My Final Year Project is entitled "RFID Enhanced Library System" and I've created the system using VB.NET and SQL Server.

Block Diagram.

Graphical User Interface.


Download [here]

Installation requirements:
1. Of course to test the system thoroughly you would have to have an RFID reader. If not you can only play play with the GUI.
2. VB.NET framework (can auto download upon setup).
3. Microsoft SQL Server engine (can auto downlaod upon setup).

p/s: Please be reminded that it can only be used for research and educational purposes only.


Hey, who go Ean-jie bd party din pay for drinks wan. Got 3 fellar din pay ok. Got dunno wat neslo ais or something. All chao super fast. WeeVern paid 1st oh..who forgot pay plz go pay him, thx.


I have a Final Year Project DEMO in 6 hrs time yet i'm typing this entry..yau yeng. I really dun think my blog is popurar enough to do this but by we go.

On Monday (16/4/07) we got this Engineering Ethics final exam rite? That day hor, all wear these kinda t-shirts go exam.

Blue, or


For those who got no collar wan, then u bring the shirt go la..after exam change. If u dun have the shirt, paiseh..can't help u..COZ AFTER THE EXAM, WE GO TAKE PHOTO! Places of interest include: Tmn Rusa, "the kuda there", tasik, etc. VERY CEKAP WAN..ALL THESE WE DO TEPAT 12 NOON..SYIOK! Free sauna included.


Walau..exactly like Pulau Ketam can?

Another thing is, who wan go Kukup the day after the exam (17/04/07)? "Somebody" will be organizing but i dunno who la. So far i think MeiYi won't mind be secretary at the moment. So who wan go hor can kin kin register with her. No..go kukup noneed wear the t-shirt k. Dun siao.


p/s : Feel wan go Redbox/Neway on Monday nite ler..but expensive pula. Can we go on Tuesday afternoon then Kukup postpone to Wednesday? Should be no prob la hor. Hehe.

Hi all. U know wat..the final lecture of my entire degree course in uni IS OVER! Now waiting to make my fyp presentation n sit for final exams nia. After that..asta la vista babe!

I need take one subject called "Engineering Ethics" this sem n just last wednesday we had a Ethics Talk by an experienced/old/rich man from the industry. Nevermind about the talk, but it was held in a block called N24 where there is this largest lecture hall in utm (i think). I thought since we never take photo there b4 so might as well take some as remembrance. So there u go..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The so called gigantic lecture hall. Can fit 800 i think.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(Back row 6th from left): Kenny, Feroz, and KwangLee showing confirmcekap readers how to really pose for a photoshoot.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I really like this photo (cos i took wan). It kinda demonstrates a term in arts called "perspective". Should have called somebody stand at the FAR FAR end there to increase the idea.

After listen talk hungry go eat. The stall is located beside the pasar in Tmn U.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Yum yum. Alot of variety.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The super famous CENDAWAN GORENG which i love so much!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Want to hide behind but face still pong..kesian kesian.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Satisfied customers.

Wah this kinda things together with drink (cendol) oso can eat till rm3 per person leh. No good no good.

Wah..this is JING BAO! Today we took some photos in campus, after reviewing them through my PC, suddenly feel..THIS ONE MUST BLOG! So i skip a few sepatutnya-ikut-schedule posts to bring u this one first. Remember, u have first seen them on confirmcekap. Cheers!


(+click to enlarge)


(+click to enlarge)


IanCing, plz dun forget my photoshoot payment, thanks.

Announcement announcement! As we approach the end of Uni life, we would "sadly" have to abandon our house and leave such a wonderful place such as JB..tsk tsk. So hor, the house we renting now is up for rent!

Who got juniors/adik-adik/frens/etc wan rent a cekap double storey house with 4 rooms 3 bathrooms and a huge living room in Tmn Pulai Utama please contact the number below. Price is negotiable.

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TO LET..not to be mistaken with TOILET. I handmade the banner with utm test paper wan..nice bor?


Then hor, very paria. There's this contruction area near the place i living..then the lorries(trucks for Amadikans) keep go in come out..make the whole road damn dirty. Then recently..keep raining pula. U know la..when water campur with the soil..we get TEH TARIK!

As our cars pass by that area, we get some "fine art" on our cars' exteriors..FREE OF CHARGE. Let me show u all..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
YenPin's car. He prefer simple yet can reflect attitude punya "tattoo". Ok..maybe 3rd runner up i give.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
CheeSon prefers "tattoo" in the centre part nia. Means "zhong zhong zik zik me wui hak sek"(i dun care if u dun un..go watch some tvbs..hahaha). Okla..2nd runner up.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
WeeVern likes adventurous "tattoo" from head to till. Means he likes wild type la..hehe. Quite yauyeng..give him 1st runner up.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
MY CAR! Okok..maybe from the picture i is like lose to WeeVern..but car black colour leh..kana like this not very kelian meh? Construction site yang tak guna!

Then hor..WeiAng's car like this..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
MADE..tak rock la. Foul u out of the competition.

p/s : Who wan get personal one-in-a-million car "tattoo" can come visit me at Tmn Pulai Utama. I'm sure u'll pick up some "fine art" on the way. All the best!


Elaine bought me 2 presents lately..

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Spongebob and Patrick! So cute rite? Now they reside in my car. Thanks Elaine!

Me HUGE FAN of Spongebob ler..coz he too guailan d. Very cekap. U all should watch Spongebob too. Watch the TV9 wan..translate to Malay d wan. Seriously i feel the Malay version is better than the Engrish wan. Dun believe go watch.


Hey hey, back to JB again. Walau..i thought this time go 2nd interview is HR wan. Mana tau..interviewed by 2 japanese n a chinese..TECHNICAL AGAIN! Ma eh, this company really wan VERY VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE ppl. I sure die. N then i must confess, i memalukan-ed UTM..I VERY SAD la! Come expren..

I was given an integration(kamiran) formula to get the volume of a cone. Then the question is not called u solve the kamiran, but expren y the kamiran like this. easy rite u might say. But i suddenly dunno leh. Then the guy clue me in i still damn cha. Haih..i feel so memalukan UTM ler..serious.
Answer: The summation of all the circle areas along the height of the cone is the volume of the cone. CB!


Oh yeah..u all know this guy anot?

I normally call him the yellow guy..but the fellar got name can? He is the Yellow Coverage Fellow. He got his own Friendster page n YouTube page can?

I dunno about u..but i feel we are bombarded by DiGi advertisement lately. All media u name it: tv, radio, FLYERS too!

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We got this together with the newspaper lately.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Elaine see this behtahan d..straight go make it liao.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The "handicraft" is currently in my room. By request i can bring and let u see, touch, n try(shout FU-YOH through it la duh) it. Hehe.