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Hou Lan Yeng!

I "think" he doesn't read my blog so it's ok. Hopefully i dun kena zham when next sem starts..hehe.

Remember Photo Day? We actually took some candid shots too..which i onli received recently.

(+click to enlarge)

Didn't scan it so sorry for da quality.

What i want to show u is this..


Fucker..WeeHau damn yeng can? Waseh waseh..cekap pose. See his hand signs so chan his face expression then his face expression complements back his hair style etc etc. Truly ONE IN A MILLION. Respect!


吴宗宪 - 真心换绝情


Can somebody please romanize the above hokkien song sang by Jacky Wu for me? Found it to be very cekap leh. Need to learn how to sing it. Help me romanize oh.

For eg. 吃屎 = jiak sai

Thanks first. Happy hols everyone.

BUT i'm still in Skudai..damn. I have to attend some intensive Japanese Language classes for my upcoming JLPT 3 Exam on Dec 3rd. This time CONFIRM die. If pass is miracle!

B4 go into topic let's observe this..

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Elaine managed to play until Level 20 liao..keng! Did she managed to beat the BIG BOSS?!?

You'll have to watch this video to find out..

With silver hammer somore.


After finals' last paper(CAD & ASIC) went watch Casino Royale besar-besaran.

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It turned out that this time James Bond is a combo of JackBauer+DouSan+Masochist..diu! I am very disappointed coz dun have tech stuffs. I want handphone control BMW!

The day after that we had a BBQ! (Photos from SueiHuey's cam. Thx.)

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The stuffs. Thx to everybody who prepared them.

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YenPin n I fried those heart-shaped nuggets! Awww~~kiss..muaks! Hehe.

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One thing i observed from this bbq is : SiawHui(middle) damn enjoy can? He damn suka panggang stuffs..for himself n others! I'm a TOTAL OPPOSITE. I dun like to prepare food..i just like to eat them =P.

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Group photo neh.

This bbq was in conjunction with Chin2's birthday!

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To find that u're still alive after so many years is really a cause for celebration k. Have u all thanked ur parents for giving birth to you many years ago on ur recent bd?

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Chin2 - A happy bd girl.

After the bbq we played a few childhood games. And the best game was recommended by YeeChong..named "Kok Kok Kai"..damn cekap can? is too obscene to show the video here. Might kena bash later. But i'll give u an impression how's it like later.

2 days after the bbq a few of us went chiong k..

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Group photo. Actually we were on a mission but it's too early to disclose it now.

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A boring proper pose for a photo-shoot.

Remember the game 'Kok Kok Kai'?

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We just HAD to do this in public didn't we? Damn. Hehe.

That probably summed up my post-finals celebrations. For a more textual content on the same thing, click >>here<<.

Enjoy ur holidays ppl. Take care.

Hey there. I have a last final paper tomolo..and that's it..sayonara..ONE SEM GONE! I spent the whole nite(i mean morning) watching youtube videos..damn. After watching so many videos, i realised one thing. EVERYBODY LOVES MUSIC! Music's such a wonderful thing isn't it. No matter what language u speak, wat's the colour of ur skin, wat's ur matter how different we are..we're still the same : We're connected by MUSIC.

For those study VHDL till wan siao liao enjoy the videos below. Very entertaining i must say. Anyway, good broadband connection is a must if u dowan kena potong steam. OR..u can load finish the things first then watch them later. Cheers!

#1 Damn cekap music editing

I dunno how many hours he spent on editing this. SIAO!

#2 Demo on Yamaha MO6 Keyboard

I just love how he started his demo with "Hung Up" by Madonna then intro-ed the drums available, then the strings, then continue back with his playing the piano sound. CHUN!

#3 Demo on Yamaha PSR-K1 Keyboard

See how he demonstrates the "Performance Assistant". I wan cheat like that too. JIEN!

Music connects us all ppl. =)

Small talk : Tomolo's 'Computer Systems & Multimedia' paper sure die. Very cham that type. =(

Aiyor..saw this confirm cekap blazer at G2000 ler. Like it very much.

Now all i need is rm699.

Was introduced to EYEZMAZE by Annie and Jun. It's quite paria to be addicted to online flash games during finals. So if my final results turn out badly, i'm gonna blame them on Ann n Jun..hehe.

Game Tontie

This game is pretty straight forward. Just whack whack whack! Like the arcade game where u punch monsters coming out from holes with a hammer.

Oh great sifus Ann n Jun..plz bestow ur skills upon us. Me n Elaine play till Level 17 then die liao.

Game Grow Cube

However, Elaine n I agree that this game is more chun leh. Coz IT'S TOO DAMN CUTE liao! The idea of this game is to find the right combination of items to be pressed so that the whole system works. (i know it sounds stupid but it's cute ok? isn't that a cekap reason to even play it?)

When u found the right combo this will come out..Elaine did it wan..keng! The animation really damn nice ler. The creator really creative.

Hehe..give u some hints. 'Human' needs to be pressed first and 'Ball' last. All the best!

p/s : All eyezmaze lovers, share ur experiences here!

Now i crazy over this song ler - Yi Shi De Mei Hao. Too chun liao. I happen to be browsing the internet when i discovered that somebody mixed the song with a cekap beat to give it an R&B feel..cekap. So i added my voice over that track to produce a mild r&b version of that song. Hope u'll like it.

Get music codes at Bolt.


终于和天 在地平线交会
美丽的飞 盘旋然后不见




The starting part i sounded very soft n 'gui gui sui sui' rite? Wakaka..that's b'coz i'm recording it at 3:30am! The chorus part is better i think.

The Prestige

Haha..fuck die. Onli finished 2 final papers(2 more to go) oredi go enjoy liao..damn. After reading KY's n ST's and alot of frens' GREAT reviews on the movie "The Prestige"..felt like if dun go watch is need go jump into Klang river n terpaksa go watch la. Anyway the movie gonna be taken down from cinema terpaksa ler.

Since everyone should be watched "The Prestige" liao so i tell the ending should be no problem la hor. =P

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For me this movie is superb IF ONLY Tesla din create a self-duplication machine. That's like SO FAKE/UNACCEPTABLE can? The twin brothers concept can liao ma..the challenger must kage bunshin somore..keng! Anyway, my opinion is exactly like TheStar-Friday.

Arsenal won 3-0 leh. That's cekap! U know y they won?

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B'cos i wore Thierry Henry shirt go support them leh..chun! Thanks Elaine. If that's what it takes for them to win(wakaka), i'll wear this shirt to support every weekend.

This shirt is not pray-pray wan k..

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Nike..u play all la. Next time invent shirt wear one time liao..hungry can eat it lor. Recycle ma.


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I oredi framed the A4-sized photo. Chun bor? So big dunno put where.

Anyway, wan share with u all a joke. There's this Carrefour in JB and as my 'fren' and i were driving pass it..

Fren : Eh, this Carrefour we never come b4 hor.
Me : Walau..dun say Carrefour la..'that' shopping complex i oso never go b4.
Fren : Which one?
Me : Neh..u know wan. I always mention wan.
Fren : Haha..yeah. Angkasapuri rite?
Me : ANGKASAPURI?!? Nabeh, u know where is ANGKASAPURI anot? The RTM news broadcast from there. MUAHHAHAHAHAHhahaahahahhaha....
Fren : OMFG..damn. It's ANGSANA rite?
Me : Yeah. MUAHHAHAHAHAHhahaahahahhaha....

p/s : i'm supposed to end this post with a song that i've recorded. but i simply can't upload the damn song. berjaya upload liao can't embed..GY. now hanging. maybe i'll leave the song for the next post.


All the girls in this world..plz go learn up this song n sing in ktv! This is my definition of a GOOD song. Piano intro, soothing verse, climatic bridge, and a xingfu ending. A superb AABA structure! Like it so much. Love Angela too!

Finals vs 24

Small talk : Y nobody wan duet with me? I very scary meh?

Sorry for the lag of updates. My connection has officially lost in its race with the snail. All hail the snails!

The finals season is back again. Getting immune to it liao. It's the second last finals anyway..should i be happy n shouting 'hurray'!?! I know studies are boring..i feel working life would be boring too. Damn sien..boring at both ends wan..wakaka!

Final exams are coming n for fucks sake..i'm busy watching 24 Season 3. This is bad..REAL BAD. I wonder who writes the plot for 24..coz he/she is gawdamn awesome man. I wanna be just like him/her. I've watch until the part where Jack Bauer kills Ryan Chappelle. FOR FUCKS SAKE..Y MUST RYAN CHAPPELLE DIE?!? I so wanted that the whole thing to be a bluff..but no..he's dead. DEAD! I've just begun to like this character n he's dead. This is a bad idea man mr/ms script writer. Maybe i should take over.

U c..i'm so obsessed with 24 till i'm blogging bout it instead of studying..fuck..die. Anyway, the NITE thingy is not going so well. Getting abit tired but i still can stand it. Y can't things go the way they should be. Ppl call u do thing, u agree liao, then for fucks sake again..DO IT! Mutual understanding wan ma. Unless i'm profiting from all these, i really shouldn't be begging for ppl to do things. This is wrong. I really hope every1 can get together and contribute.

Anyway about good news : I'm coordinating this performance btw LihHuey n YinYin. Uh..if it turns out to be wat i imagined..this is going to be FANTASTIC! Really looking forward to it. Thx LH n YY for participating.

I think i'll sign off now. My connection is so champion that if u want to contact me, better e-mail than msn. All the best to my coursemates in finals.


My 22nd BD

Small talk : Read from cowboycaleb's linkorama. Where got such thing wan? Too bad my readers(you) are not white..hehe.

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Hey..i just turned 22. Older but not wiser..fuck! Read how i celebrated my birthday last year.

I'll just show some interesting things that happened during my bd. =)

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I got terribly sick on my nice.

CheeHoa was the earliest to wish me >> 45minutes b4 my bd..hehe.

(+click to enlarge)

Received a gamdung e-mail from ChunJern

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
My bd cake labelled with "Confirm Cekap is Cekap"'s creative but abit redundant. First time my bd cake w/o my name on it..hehe. Paiseh to MeiYi coz need divide this delicious but disastrous-to-cut cake.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
"He zhong you he"(Box inside got box) -- said Elaine.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Elaine and I.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
YenPin(aka shuai ge, pin ge, xiao yen zi) and I. (Okla..xiao yen zi i simply came up wan..hehe)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Zhimuis and I.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
OMFG Lamb Chop. Too bad the serving too small liao. Can fit onli half of my stomach..maybe 25% of one of four of CheeHoa's stomachs. =P

(+click to enlarge)

Received an edited taken-by-ownself photo from EugeneLim. Thx!

p/s : Thx Mom n Dad for giving birth to a super cute and fat baby 22 years ago. 很感谢你们对我的养育之恩。


E-quan : Hey confirmcekap, u 1 year old liao ha..happy bd man. u is best.
ConfirmCekap : Thx thx. U oso mer..big boy liao..22 years old lor. May all ur wishes come true k.
Both : Cheers!

*Completely 'hijacked' from hooiching's. Thx ha.

Yes you all may wish me here =) Arigatou gozaimasu. Belated also's the thought that counts..And no,it's not cheap publicity..what's wrong with asking for a birthday wish right? *lolz

22yrs ago, on 2nd Nov 1984..a super cute baby came into this world. 22yrs more cute..but eh sai lar.haha~