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Every 25th of the month I receive my pay cheque. It is the same for this month Oct 2011. As I check my account balance and also took some cash from the ATM, I suddenly had this urge to post this. I have been wanting to post it for some time now. Seems now is the time.

After working for four years plus already, I begin to realize that I actually have the ability to earn a living and survive in this society, on my own. I really feel fortunate to have a complete physique and able to execute daily routines. And with the knowledge that I have gathered over the years(and the years to come), I would not need to beg to fill my stomach.

Of all these, none of it is of my credit! I owe all of them to three persons/angels whom appeared in my life:

Dearest Dad,
Thanks for your hard work in bringing back the bread for the family. You are truly an aspiring zero-to-hero role model to me. I have never respected a man more than yourself. I managed to live a moderately-good life since I was born till now thanks to you. What I asked(logical and reasons ones of course), you provided. No questions asked. Only God knows how much you have endured during your working career.

Dearest Mom,
It is always heart-warming to listen to all my baby stories from you. I have received the greatest care a son could have received from a mother. Whole-hearted devotion to the family you gave and still giving. Thanks for always paying attention to my studies and whacked me whenever the occasion arises. I have never appreciated the punishments until now. Truly, this IS the correct way to bring up a child like me.

Dearest Elaine,
Definitely fate brought us together. You have been the greatest companion during university study times. Sometimes, I am quite sure I could not have graduated with a decent merit without you. And then you decided to move to KL and begin your career here(although you received a good offer from Penang) so that you could be with me. Whenever I think of this sacrifice, I would just weep. It is close to 9 years now that we have been together. You can never imagine how much I appreciate this relationship.

To these guardians of my life: It has been my greatest pleasure having to have known you. In the next life, if possible, I will wish to be reborn to the same Dad and Mom and to know Elaine later in my life.

One could never ask for more.

Leng Lui

I always have different opinion with Elaine when coming to determining whether a girl is pretty(lenglui). Obviously, we have different tastes but I think mine is better. Elaine will disagree but let you readers decide. For me, lengluis are like..

1. Joey Wong (王祖贤)

Born: 1967
Quan's remarks: Classical lenglui that was a lenglui back in late 80s, still considered lenglui by today's standards, and foresee will be the same in the near future.

2. Vivian Hsu (徐若瑄)
Born: 1975
Quan's remarks: No guy in this world will deny that she is a lenglui. You will hope that she was the girl next door. Totally leng and very talented in music too. Lyricist.

3. Fala Chen (陳法拉)

Born: 1982
Quan's remarks: Oh my god..those killer dimples!

4. Belinda Chee

Born: 1982
Quan's remarks: Local lenglui! Hooked on to her when she hosted shows on 8tv. Already married and expecting first child.

5. Ong Ching Yee (王菁忆)
Born: 1982
Quan's remarks: Local lenglui again! She hosts the best mandarin news ever! Totally sweet looking and perform so well when anchoring the news. Wished she'd read the news to me everyday. And, she's from the same university as mine but I never knew her. FML! Already married.


Till we meet again,

BIG U-TURN's strange how things turn out. Haha.

Moving on...

Mr Q works in Company A. He has been a hardworking employee(at least that is what he believes). As of now, Mr Q has been working in the said company for three years plus already. Actually, Company A is not bad(that is why he managed to stay for three years), his bosses(there are a lot of bosses in Company A) are all nice people, but Mr Q still feels he is overworked and underpaid.

One fine day, Company M called Mr Q up to see if he is interested to work for them. Out of curiosity Mr Q went to the company to listen to what opportunity is laid for him there. Actually, Company M is of a smaller size than Company A, much much smaller in fact. The work Mr Q is expected to perform there is almost of the same nature that he has been performing in Company A. However, Company M could provide a monthly salary which is 37.5% more than Company A. Mr Q was quite excited!

As mentioned, Mr Q loves Company A and his bosses. He went to discuss this new-found opportunity with his boss(let's call him Mr J) to see what his boss thinks. Mr J is such a knowledgeable person and Mr Q values his opinion highly. After listening to Mr J's two-cents and also a long night of thought, Mr Q decided to kindly turn down Company M's offer and to stay put in Company A for the time being.

Just a little more than a week after turning down Company M's offer, Mr Q got another opportunity to have an interview with Company S! Company S is doing something different from Company A and M. Actually, what Company S is doing is what Mr Q has always wanted to learn and explore. Mr Q was successful in his application. Company S could provide a monthly salary which is 33.75% more than Company A. Mr Q has more or less made up his mind this time.

Mr Q went on the tender his resignation to Company A. Unexpectedly to Mr Q, this triggered a frenzy as Mr Q's boss, boss's boss, boss's boss's boss, were notified and all called him to request him to stay with Company A. Mr Q's boss's boss(let's call him Mr A) asked him out to a cup of coffee to discuss on this issue. Mr Q knows Mr A but rarely speaks to him. During the coffee, Mr Q got to know Mr A a bit more and was immediately attracted with his charismatic leadership. Mr A believes Company A will be able to counter-offer Mr Q in order for him to stay on. Mr Q also hinted a number that he will be satisfied with. However, because of the huge size of Company A and the many legislation involved, Mr A could not solely decide on money matters but he will fight for it for Mr Q. Mr Q was quite touched by Mr A's sincerity.

That afternoon, Mr A called Mr Q to inform the counter-offer by the Company A is 33.75% more and a promotion to Senior. To be truthful, Mr Q is quite disappointed with this number as he feels it is just a bit more than of Company S's and it could not compensate for the knowledge that he will not obtain if he was to stay on with Company A.

Mr Q sighs, "It's time to go."

p/s: After accepting Company S's offer, unexpectedly, Company M called Mr Q again. Company M asked what was the reason that he turned down the offer and could they counter-offer? Mr Q is completely STUNNED! He has never expected a company of that size could actually do this in order to get the man it needs. He is more saddened by the fact that Company A could not have done the same for him. However, Mr Q has no regrets as an adventure awaits him in Company S. Mr Q again kindly turned down the offer but Company M's name will remain in his mind for a long long time.


really long time no update blog. Don't know what to write also. How about upload a picture of the current me?

Nowdays is 走斯文路线 to tipu all the 少女 out there. WAkakaka!!!

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