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Small talk : Happy National Day Malaysia! And i HAD TO do this on this day..damn. Somebody hit me plz.

(Hijacked from JamesLum's)

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Wah..u c how the car industry is "praising" each other. I must do mine oso

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Bersempena with the upcoming National Day, i've decided to take the ultimate test..

Congratulations e-quan, you are 20% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Abdullah Badawi !

How Un-Malaysian Are You? least i'm 80% Malaysian ok? Elaine got Datuk Michelle bout u?

Updated : Thanks CowboyCaleb for providing a link. He's more Malaysian than i am

Panjang Galah

After the Coke & Mentos Experiment, we had other things in mind - childhood games! Especially a game called "Panjang Galah"..coz i've been labelled no-childhood-guy for not knowing this game..haih. U all play b4 anot?

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Tak sangka this kinda small kids thing so many ppl will participate rite?

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1, 2, 3..9 girls.

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CheeHoa(2 persons), 3, 4..8 guys.

Plz observe diagram below for my illustration on how i think the game is played(after they taught me). Any corrections can be made at the comments there.

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So got 2 teams - Cyan team and Magenta team. The Cyan team(#1,2,3,4)'s objective is to get pass the Magenta team(#5,6,7,8) to the end of the badminton court and after that get back where they've started(1 Cyan member reach considered win liao).

Magenta team objective pula is to stop the Cyan team from completing their objective(VERY LOGIC RITE?). So as the Cyan team approaches..the Magenta team can touch the Cyan members and if this is successful(touch 1 Cyan member can liao), then Magenta wins.

Sounds stupid rite? Not exactly. U see..for Magenta team : #6,7,8 can onli walk vertically across the badminton court lines(refer diagram). #5 pula special..he/she can walk horizontally across the whole court. So this is actually a mind game(more strategy than DotA wei). The Cyan team must know how to "bait" the Magenta members so the Cyan members can get to the other side one by one. The Magenta team pula have to work smartly to prevent that from happening. "Cool" huh?

Anyways..that is just wat i think. The game is almost like that la..if got oso i missed out some small points. U see..not every1 can remember the games they played like 10 years ago huh? For example..

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WV : U dun tokkok la..where mungkin got 4 lines? For wat? 3 lines can liao ma.
YT : U dun come here tipu-tipu ok? When Lao Niang play this game u still wearing diapers ok?

Oh yeah..i say till syok syok this game play on badminton court rite? We couldn't find one..HAHA. So we went to a field and used humans as line indicators instead. Got video somore. Semangat ok.

Observe me(Cyan team second from right)..champion ok. 1st time play somore. Got bakat.

After that we played other childhood games too.

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Zui zui(Kejar-kejar).

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Use-newspaper-wrap-as-baton-whack-ppl game.

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Play till sun oso go back home sleep liao.

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Frog : "U all play 'wan' play ar..dun step on me. If not become ghost frog oso won't let u go!"

Wanna convert your height(cm <-> ft) and weight(kg <-> lb) or simply calculate your bmi? Try this. Highly recommended.

I FINALLY DID IT! As mentioned before, the much awaited experiment had been carried out..though not fully successful =(.

So what can u do with 3 bottles of coke n 3 sticks of mentos(n 2 pair of legs)?

Basically, this thingy can be divided into 2 thingies(hehe).
#1 "The Fountain" Trick - Put mentos in coke n coke discharges from the bottle n flows like a fountain.
#2 "The Rocket" Trick - Put mentos in coke n recap. Shake. Uncap a little. Throws to floor n bottle launches into the air like a rocket.

" geng meh? 'Caya lah!"

Plz enjoy the following videos(View one by one..if not suck ur whole internet connection). Remember, you have first watch it at

The Fountain

Highlight(Minute 1:44) - Narrator : "Kan Chiong desu ne!"

The Rocket (Trial 1)

Highlight(Minute 1:19) - E-quan throws down bottle like a girl.

The Rocket (Trial 2)

Highlight(Minute 0:20) - E-quan : Shake shake shake, Audience : Faster faster faster!
*Don't think elsewhere ok?

WAT?!? U think very easy meh? U do the rocket, take the video n post on the internet la. Then i onli puji u. Btw, SzeLek n i will attempt it again when we berjaya find 2-litre Diet Coke..ngek ngek.

I love futsal!

Small talk : Question of the day : How long does it take for a bus to reach JB from KL. Times up. Answer : 10 HOURS! My housemate hor..the one make joke of ppl's name wan..became "suei of the century ler". 1st hor..boarded bus at 8:30pm..then hor..bus broke down. 2nd bus came..jalan half way..tayar puncit. Need 3rd bus onli can reach JB at 6:30am!!! Ok..i shall keep my mouth clean just to elak from being "suei of the millennium"..haha.

"Uuhhh...syiok!" That is wat i can say after playing futsal for the first time in my life. Near to the place where i am residing now, there's this newly built futsal court(court or field?)..2 courts that is. It is located behind a surau(wow..that's strange)..i oso dunno y. But the 2 is kindaly like managed by the same ppl(i think). U will know what happens when a surau manages a futsal court..hehe. So on this nice evening that's 9pm, 12 ma lat lous..

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Haha..just in case u wanted to book. Noneed personally go there ok. rm60 an hr by the way. Supposed to be cheap(as i was told), normal price rm80 above wor. Me dunno, me n00b.

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#2 : For women playing futsal, curtains around the court must be closed.
#5 : When playing and watching(wtf?), mixture of men and women is not allowed.

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The court.

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Aftermath 1.

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Aftermath 2. Walau..can sweat like siao lang.

Me scored 1 goal. Looking forward to the next match. CheeHoa, plz dun hurt HockPoh again..hehe.

p/s : Have i told u guys b4? I'm not really good in sports(nor DotA). But i found out that i'm more "talented" in sports that involve direct contact with the ball. For eg volleyball, basketball, and my new found "talent"--futsal. Must take up handball soon..haha.

Small talk : My internet connection is so f**king slow that it really potongs my steam to blog.

I'm sure u all have watched this mtv by korean group KISS. This is like CLASSIC ok? It'll break your heart no matter u're a guy or girl. That is unless u dun have a heart.

It's like 8minutes long so happy streaming. Ready some tissues.

Okok..the tears drop until like siao lang rite? Like this still cannot. Must make u sad-er. Let's watch the chinese version(没有你的每一天) pula by Jill Xu.

Haha..what does the above 2 vids prove? ANSWER : GUYS ARE BASTARDS!

Okla..dun say e-quan very bad ok? Just to cheer u up..let's watch something farnie.

The end.

Ho ho ho..rupanya Steamboat menang juga..kesian redbox. Good good. So i finally wan blog about my weekend liao.

Our course quite some time didn't meet up liao. I mean gather everyone type. So on this wonderful friday nite(which we were suppose to meet with the fresh-came-in juniors where in the end they ffk'ed us), we decided to have our own SEL gathering instead. It was held at this buffet steamboat place called "Hao Chen" in Tun Aminah.

As usual..bombard with photos la. Enjoy!

Table #1 :

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First the photographer potong Ailin's face(right side).

So ma ask take again lor.

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Then now potong SiawHui's face..wakaka. Talented sial.

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Table #2.

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Table #3.

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Table #4. Couple's table.

Look wat the couple did..

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Apa buat with all these prawns? The prawns are your "sat fu sao yan"(Enemy which killed your father) meh? Must eat them all ar?

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Couple : "Yeah lor =)."

Then YewFatt(with his candid-photo-taking skill as always) berjaya took this..

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Sorry CheeHoa.

Oh the end we had cup ice-cream as dessert. SiawHui say each person must eat 5 cups wor. Wat to do..he is SEL "cha fit yan"..dun listen to him yao say "mou yi hei". So ma end up like this lor..

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Annie in the background.

Did i say we need eat 5 cups? "Cha fit yan" say he must set good he ate 10. SERIOUS.

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"Mostly contributed by me can?"

With a little bit of creativity..

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Twin towers..siap with bridge and antenna..chun!

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Group photo. Dunno when will have chance eat together in such a big group again. SEL Grad Nite maybe? I wonder..hehe.

Okok..the power part of this post will come out liao.


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The guy-who-turned-out-to-be-very-yeng-this-sem(according to..ahem..YT) : Mr HockPoh! I duno y..i just love this photo. Love as in not brokeback la. I oredi have brokeback fren liao..the "sei fei chai". U see y..i explain :

"This photo clearly shows that dimension method was used - the left hand is in front thus larger in size. The way he holds the digicam in his right hand shows such professionalism n charisma. The flash on his left palm accentuates the 'V'ictory sign which indirectly means, 'Hey girl..i sat sai u oredi.'"

With that i rest my case.

Oh goodie.. i broke my promise. I mean..not actually. The survey still sedang berjalan dengan sengit rite? Steamboat vs Summer Concert..duno who will win ler. So we wait for a bigger majority 1st ok? In the mean time i'll entertain u guys with something else.

Remember this book?

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I've just started reading it. I was reading till page 13 when..

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Oh goodie..i've made a right choice(E-quan smirking). Let's read on..


WOW..i had a fantastic, programmes-filled weekend. Went to City Square on Saturday and guess who i saw?

Okla..i know u all oso sien with all the guessing bull shit..just tell lor.

-No..i didn't went to say hi becoz i was a coward afraid that she might scold-kau me and next day write in her blog : "U know that day i went Malaysia, there's this annoying guy who claims he reads my blog and he's a blogger, like i would care..etc etc."
-She's actually shorter than Elaine Elaine's actually taller than her. She's like so small. Nevertheless still charming la. Mike's handsome too!

-I doubt u all read his books. It's the teen ghost stories type.
-He was in Popular for an autograph session. my important point. So hor..i got quite alot of materials to blog about la. But hor..your's truly is a lazy bastard. With so much things to write the quality of posts might decline.

So i'm giving u, readers, a chance to choose which one u would MOST LIKE TO READ ABOUT. The one with the highest votes will appear in my next post whereas the other 2 will simply be ignored..haha.

It's like i damn syiok sendiri rite? Like u all would care wat i blog about onli. E-quan's really thinking he's a popular blogger and all that edi. Slap him when u see him.

Ok now. Choose wisely :

Create polls and vote for free.

*Updated : Just so u guys dun vote wrongly..
the Redbox post has the most number of photos(10ppl involved),
the Steamboat has moderate number of photos(29ppl involved),
the TGIF n Summer Concert has the least number of photos(3ppl involved).

Small talk : Just came back from Redbox and Buffet Steamboat. I have around 80 photos amounting to 133mb. Damn dasyat can? This happens when u have coursemates that are camwhores..wakaka! Next post will be fulled with photos k? I kasi bikin sui sui. One more thing..later today will be going 8TV's Summer Concert in Danga Bay..chunted! See u there.

U all remember this post anot?

It is happening again. =(

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Dunno how these ppl got my address serious.

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U see..oso from Kedah. Eh, ChunJern..u do wan issit? Hehe.

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This time got booklet somore. Dunno wat ajaran sesat.

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Main-main in the end still 4D.

AiLin, u got the same letter rite?


Hey hor..after Redbox i went jalan-jalan in AEON Tebrau. Elaine n her sis went shopping dump me alone =(. Speaking of Elaine's sister, i got one joke wan tell u all..courtesy of my housemate CheeSon.

in MSN..
e-quan : Her sister's name is Edith.
cheeson : Wah..dasyat punya name la.
cheeson : U know wat? I think my name is Formath.

(So at this precise moment i was trying to tafsir wat he meant. 5 seconds later..)
e-quan : CHAO TURTLE!
(My smart readers, u all un rite?)

So coming back to my jalan-jalan..

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FINALLY FOUND IT IN SPEEDY! Been looking for this for ages. Eh..i buy ORI see.

I tell u..this is the MOST FEI movie EVER! Somore they oredi practising these kinda fei-ness back in 1992(the movie was made in that year). Damn respect. U all sure watch b4 rite? On national had been shown numerous times.

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I sengaja bought this DVD for one scene in the movie. I duno u all can remember anot. Where Ah-B and LauKarLing duet-ed, "Shi li li, hua la la, hu lu lu, sha la la". I can laugh until guling on the floor.

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Bought this book in POPULAR becoz it was cheap different. Oklar oklar..oso becoz it was written by an Elaine.

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SAW? This is much diff from the normal books i read(Harry Potter, Dan Brown, etc).

OKOK..this is the POWER PART of this post..really POWER. As u know i went Redbox with Elaine, Edith, and 7 other coursemates. Coz the next post will be so long b'coz of the i decided to put it here. PUT WHAT?!? A preview of wat songs we normally sing at KTV. Enjoy..

Who can name me the artist in the MV?

Small talk : In 8 hrs time i'll be chiong-k-ing. I is happy.

I hope. nobody is killed)

Observe this..

and a more extreme this..


But of coz i'll do it in a smaller scale la.

p/s : Oh yeah..ShinJiin will be graduating tomolo. Sorry coz can't make it for ur graduation ceremony. Congratulations okay! I will call u. All the best in work.

Remember my desserts post? Out of the 3 desserts that i crave for..1 has been eaten..hehe. Somore ownself cook..gaya.

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Tang Yuan! With black sesame paste filling ok.

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Coz hor..we dun have the necessary ingredients to make the true soup for the glutinous balls. So we just boiled it with sugar. Ok..i admit..abit the not pro.

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WOW..sedap. Tak sangka this kinda packaged tang yuan oso got quality wan. Thumbs up!

As we were cooking hor..we noticed this cup..

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I stay with 3 other housemates namely CheeSon, WeiAng, and WeeVern. It's definitely not my cup. So u all guess it's who's cup leh?



Pronounced "Pou Tou Sing Suk Si" in Cantonese which literally means "When the grapes are ripening"..haha. This is a popular song by Eason Chan.

Somebody says wan listen have to record la.

歌手: 陈奕迅 专辑: U-87 作曲:Vincent chow/anfernee cheung 填词:黄伟文

差不多冬至 一早一晚还是有雨
当初的坚持 现已令你很怀疑 很怀疑
你最尾等到 只有这枯枝苦
恋几多次 悉心栽种全力灌注
所得竟不如 别个後辈收成时
你要静候 再静候
就算失收 始终要守

日後 尽量别教今天的泪白流
留低击伤你的石头 从错误里吸收
也许 丰收月份尚未到你也得接受

想想天的一边 亦有个某某在等候
一心只等葡萄熟透 尝杯酒

仍得不需要的自由 和最耀眼伤口
我知 日後路上或没有更美的邂逅

谁都心酸过 那个没有

B4 u all listen to the song..let's talk about it 1st. This is a paria song. Why? Becoz it forces the singer to use full range of his voice. The starting part is so damn low the end raise until highest key..damn 'chuen' the composer of this song..haha.

Okok..if u wan..let's listen to it.

Click >>here<<(Player opens in new window).

Fish Market

I had a wonderful weekend. Normal dinner n movie but it was just wonderful.

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Located at AEON Tebrau City.

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Me with my Captain Quencher.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Elaine with her Iced Peach Tea.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
We tried the Seafood Platter For Two..gaya.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Waiter adds a last minute "burn" to it before serving us.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Got fish, calamari(sotong), prawns, oysters, and served with garlic rice n chips.

The fish is especially cekap..very soft. In the end we couldn't finish everything..left the rice n chips. Too paria liao la..very few calamaris n the prawns too small liao(and the chips n rice berlambak). But overall it was a good experience.

Later we were joined by The Four Ma Lat Lou Musketeers that is CheeHoa, CheeSon, SzeLek, and WeeVern. We watched this..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
And i thought it was a horror movie.

I wouldn't say it was superb but it was special/different. Damn respect Mr Shyamalan cos he dare dare shoot this kinda movie. Tabik!

Lepas tu mamak liao onli balik rumah. A COMPLETE package.