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Hey there. Today wan yek you all hou ye.
The guys at very semangat wan. During PC Fair hor, they go there scout for lenglui promoters and ask their forum members to vote for most leng wan. This time oso same. If you all wan vote, please go to

The inaugural/previous winner was from the Sony booth:
Ms Sammi

As you can see, is quite got standard wan.
For my dear readers(that's you!), i wan jimat you all time so i oredi screen this time's participants for your easy voting.
Below are the three which i think got potential win wan(But looks like Toshiba 3 will win d).
You all try vote for your favourite here also. See in the end you all guess correct ma.
All in all, thanks to for the below photos which i stole. Pinjam use a while k.
Happy voting!

1. Sonic Gear

2. Toshiba 1

2. Toshiba 3

p/s: I can't decide between Sonic Gear and Toshiba 3. But Sonic Gear is pretty CUTE! =P

YEAH!!! Holiday 2ml. Syiok-nye.
Finally got some free time to blog d.
The long awaited(ahem, okla nobody waiting oso) Finland and Amsterdam post is finally done!
With lots of photos(as usual, lazy ma).
All in all, it was generally a nice trip. Virgin trip to Europe!
Hopefully can go again some time in the future.

Finland - Vaasa

Thanks to my dear company, I was given a chance to go to Finland for some product user meeting. There's this branch situated in a small town called Vaasa(one hour flight from Helsinki) - that's where I'm headed to.

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The view from my room.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
OMFG - the room is SO small!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Unbelievably small. 90EUROs!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Who would pay 12EUROs for a porno?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Nice autumn feel.
But it was a wrong time to go ler, strong winds, rain, etc.
Didn't get to see snow oso.

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This is a famous cartoon character in Finland which I forgot its name.

That's about it for Finland. I have more photos but it's about work so I think won't feature here.

The Netherlands - Amsterdam

Oh, I forgot to mention that my trip to Vaasa costs me around a whole 24hrs! CCB!
KLIA - Singapore - Amsterdam - Helsinki - Vaasa

There's no direct flight from Malaysia to Finland so I gotta use this route.
Since I'll be changing flights in Amsterdam so under the super kindness of my super cool company, managed to stop by two days in Amsterdam during the trip back.
Of coz the expenses there paid by myself la.

I stayed in this SUPER COOL hotel called CitizenM that's just beside Schipol Airport.

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Mahai, the room yau so small wan. 75EUROs.
But much more worth it than the one in Vaasa ler.

This hotel was built with trend/youngsters/futuristic/etc in mind and it found Philips as its technology partner.
All rooms are equipped with a gadget called the Mood Pad which could allow you to control every-f**king-thingy in the room. For eg,

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Fancy a blue light for your shower?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
How bout pink for the girls?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Maybe green for the environmentalists?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Let's head to Amsterdam town..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Nice view!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Amsterdam Centraal.
Ownself take train from Airport to town.
Very the easy to go around with everything in English.

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Dim Sum in Amsterdam. Eat-all-you-can somore!
Only open in the evening though.

Did I mention that everything is so f**king expensive in Europe?
That time I change money the rate is RM4.98 for 1EURO leh.
After I come back only the EURO drop like shit.
Bad timing.

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This is the best money I spent in the entire Europe trip.
7.50EUROs for a super delicious breakfast set.

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Damn geli. There are these urinals situated around the city for men.
Dare to piss there ma gentlemen?
I is dun dare and I ended up spending 0.40EUROs(twice) for toilet entries in one mall.
That's RM2 per entry guys.

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There's a fun fair in town.
I dunno what's this called but it's available in Genting wan, just near the entrance.
But look at this, it's sooooooooo high up in the air!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The best photo I took for the entire trip.
Really like the scenery in postcards.

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There are so many meseums/art galleries there man.
Went into this wan and pura-pura damn atas like that "xin shang" all the paintings, sculptures, etc.

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Oh, this is nice to mention. Dunno Malaysia got ma. Maybe got kot.
There's this fast food shop where the food(burgers, hotdogs, etc) are put in these glass, oh my, wat is the word - compartments?
So you slide in your coins, open the "door"(hehe), and take your food out.
I tried a burger and it's really not bad!

The supposed "fun" side of Amsterdam - The Redlight District:

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"Honey, let's buy some marijuana."

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Erotic Museum anyone?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Where are the girls by the windows?!?
Photography not allowed k, so take the windows instead. Haha.

Overall, I feel Amsterdam too over rated ler. Buat like so happening like that but go there quite disappointed.
Maybe I din try the "coffee shops" ler, hehe. That's y not "high" enough.
Everything is so commercialized there too with thousands of tourists flooding the streets(really wan). Want to walk abit oso hard.

Remember I had two days in Amsterdam before I leave for Malaysia?
I decided that one day of Amsterday city was enough so the next day impromptu-ly(wah, can like this use the word?) I went to another small town not far from Schiphol Airport.

The Netherlands - Leiden

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WINDMILL!!!! When see it really excited ler.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
These are not real working windmills though. These used to be working ones but they are not needed nowdays so serve as deco only.
Actually I plan to go and see the really working ones but the place really far from the airport(near the sea wan) so in the end din go.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This small town is so nice ler. Another canal city.
Everything like so relax there nia.
Literally, you can imagine the ppl there got no work to do but to "hang gai" and drink coffee for few hours then continue hang gai again. Haha.

That's it folks.
Thanks for spending your precious time reading these.
Do share your Europe experiences if you have any.

Found this just now and couldn't stop laughing..AHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Wish you an early Christmas first YinTing..see i so good.

For the whole story please check out here.

Hey there, haven't been blogging for some time. Today beria-ria went to search my photo albums and think I could blog something about my trip to Vietnam last September(mahai, how time passes!!).

Basically it's just a photoblog(i'm lazy as usual) but this time it contains something about my work. So thought you all might be interested.

Communism ROX! Haha.

There's this river in front of my hotel. Very nice indeed to look at it while having dinner after a tiring day at work.

Nice hut to have dinner in it.

Vietnamese rice cracker. Sibeh BIG. Eat one enough d. Noneed eat dinner anymore.

I only travel between work place and hotel and usually have my meals in the hotel.
This is Fried Pork with Fries.

RM1 = 4500 Vietnam Dong

It's really nice having a few HUNDRED THOUSAND in your pocket.

Ever wondered what the hell E-quan is doing? Well, just not to be too specific, my work quite oftenly involves going to an Oil Refinery.
Bet you all never see an oil refinery before rite? You all are in luck this time..




Going to this site makes me think about Red Alert 2 nia. For the guys, remember how we use to play the game and we would like build a refinery by clicking on the refinery structure and placing it on the map and WALAH..we have a refinery in 15 seconds.
This is like the real thing man! It takes so much man and machine power to built one. Really impresses me.

One weekend my colleagues there brought me to the beach. Not very impressive but beats PD anytime.

We had seafood after that. This is something like Teocheow Steam Fish.

You could eat it by wrapping the fish using this
or-maybe-thin-fuchuk-skin kinda thingy.
Oh yeah, you put some vege in the wrapping too.

The good old glass bottle coke. SYIOK!

That's all folks. It's such a simple and clean blog post..the way I like it.
Next would be a post about my Finland trip I suppose.
Till next time..

Take care.

I can't believe i'm blogging more when i'm half a world away from home than i am at home.
I should get a life. =P

Got this comment just now from the Perhentian post i made lately:

Anonymous, I couldn't agree with you more!

photo from

oh..i mean I ate some elk meat yesterday. Paiseh..hehe.