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I desperately want to eat these :

1. Haagen Dazs' Chocolate Fondue
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2. Hong Kong Hui Lau San's Mango Pudding
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3. Anywhere's Tang Yuan with Black Sesame Paste filling
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So be nice now..who wan spend me eat?

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Give Life

Arlo macha..apa macam? Hope evelithing smooth smooth ha.

If u've been a long time reader of confirmcekap, you might be aware that i was 55kg.


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B4 industrial training i was around 58kg. After, finally hit 60kg! HURRAY!

As stated in my new year's resolution, I-WILL-DONATE-BLOOD-WHEN-I'VE-REACHED-60KG.

So on a fine Sunday morning that is July the 23rd at 10:30am, E-quan, Elaine, and 3 good frens went to the Taman U Sports Club to give life(for their first time). 2 failed due to various reasons..hehe.

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A happy donor. The nurse damn cekap..cucuk the needle not pain wan.

I have ALWAYS wanted to donate blood for as long as i can remember. The main reason was(and still is) :

Isn't it great that my small contribution can save someone's life?

Furthermore, i'm always "haunted" by the saying :

"What happens when YOU needed blood? Don't you wish someone would donate it to you?"

So today one of my life's must-do has been completed. I is happy.

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One bag full = 450ml. Equivalent to a small coke bottle minus abit.

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See..i finally got my small red book.

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Inagural entry. More to come.

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See..they got provide food nice. Briyani, chicken, and egg. Got somebody have 2 servings somore.

To the ones who didn't manage to donate(due to watever reasons), try next time ok? Coz you should! In my opinion..there are onli 4 reasons why u can don't donate :

1) You are ineligible to donate.
- You have HIV or other deceases. You are underweight(less than 45kg). You're having period(1 week b4 and 1 week after oso cannot). You've had medications or injections. You've just had a donation less than 2 months ago.

2) You are haemophobic.
- Means you're afraid of blood.

3) You have contributed in other ways.
- You are Bill Gates and you've set up the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which has benefited poor children worldwide. You're a Doctor Without Borders(Normal doctors do not apply).

4) You're a coward.
- Google it. give u a final encouragement or uummpphh(as YeeChong calls it)'s another picture of me donating blood..showing how easy it is.

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No fuss. No pain.

Bola Breeze

Memperkenalkan Bola Breeze..
I bet u guys have seen this ad on tv rite?



Ronaldinho is speaking Malay(and Chinese if the ad is during some Cantonese dramas) calling u to buy detergent powder can u NOT BUY rite?

So after watching that ad..straight rush to GIANT.

Must buy the 5kg pack onli got ball.

Yeh..Ronaldinho's signature. I is happy.

Jom main!

p/s : I din choose the gold colour nor silver colour(which was obviously nicer) becoz there was no choice. Onli left blue. And some paria ppl go steal balls somore. There left alot 5kg packs with a hole in the packaging..balls gone! Paria.


After viewing it at SassyJan's site, i can't help but HAVE TO put on my site as well. As Carlsberg says, "Good things in life are shared." So hor..u out the play button..then click stop. Wait for the video load finish first..then press play again.



This is a teaser from the movie S-11 which will be out in Singapore on Aug 3. Damn cekap can? I can feel YeeChong/Cath, WeeVern, and Kelvin leaving comments oredi..hehe. (yeah rite!)

I know i know..none of u has ever listen to his songs. I'll be surprised if u even know him. But i damn like him can? I can sing all his popurar songs.

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So who wan go with me? We buy the rm64 tickets. =)

The last day..

"Hari ni dah hari terakhir dah(Today's my last day).", i said to everyone who sees me with curious eyes over my normal-working-long-sleeve-shirt instead of the usual uniform.

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Even the name tag oso must return can?

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Becoz of my reach-on-time nature..there's onli places for me to park on the roof.

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Even the sports complex looks awesomely awesome this morning.

I was totally excited on the first day and the last day of work..and totally miserable in between. The people that i met were great and they took good care of me..but the work that i'm doing..(sienz-to-the-max).


Today was totally confirmly cekapz. Bid farewell n said thanks to all the people there(ppl urging me to come back after i graduate). I can't believe i'm actually feeling sad and missing that place(and quan sheds a drop of tear). My colleagues even belanja-ed me lunch outside(normally we're compulsary to eat in going out).


It wasn't THAT bad afterall.

Becoz of the nature of the company that doesn't allow photography in their premises..i shall on the other hand present u a video on the exterior of the company that i'm working with.

WARNING : This video takes quite a long time to load. AND it contains my voice as the narrator(first time on the internet and blogosphere). MY VOICE(period). Plz STOP the video at once when my first sentence oredi irritated u(like what happened to me when i heard it)..becoz it might cause countless sleepless nites or nitemares.'ve first heard it at

Come on..when it comes to the u really think that either side would have been deserved to win? It's just a swing of luck.

As u know..i'm a france supporter. i've supported them from the beginning of the campaign. To see them lose the cup like's sad. OF COZ..ZIDANE'S ACT IS COMPLETELY INTOLERABLE. i wouldn't have sided him although i'm a france supporter..i still know wat's right and wat's left wrong ok.

But overall..head-butting Materazzi in the chest..that's cool. Let's look at it again..

For Mr. Zinedine Zidane(FIFA World Player of the Year 3 TIMES) to lose his cool like u really think Materazzi provoked him by saying, "Hey zidane..ur mother looks like a cow!"? I would suggest that u look at the 4 videos below and make ur conclusion.

But this IS football..that's wat that makes this game so beautiful.

p/s : if u're gonna talk bad about france..plz do not comment. thx.

I've always said, "Tamade..i should have gone to study advertising". Over the years, i've developed unlimited creativity for fei-ness and if this skill(if it can be called a skill) is to be applied in the advertising industry..i would have been the creative director for leo burnett would have been fruitful.

Nowadays we see many locally-produced advertisements on tv. Some of them are gawd-damn-good and are of internationally quality. This post is dedicated to the ppl behind the local advertising industry..who had worked their asses off to provide u these..

DiGi - The Unsung Heroes of Football

Highlights :
(1)Argentina supporter : " grandmother can kick better than that lah!"
(2)Football fans : "kayu!", "Kayu!!", "KAYU!!!"

Petronas - CNY 2006 Ad

Highlights :
Auntie #1 : "My daughter work in a damn damn popular audit firm..but i dunno wat name lah."
Auntie #2 : "My son performs operation one time can earn 20,000pounds, one day can perform two ah."

Malaysian Idol - Security Guard's YMCA

Highlights :
Guard #1 : "Young man..wat are u doing here?.."

Malaysian Idol - Susuman vs Rotiman

Highlights :
The final expression of Rotiman at the end of the ad.

Talking about Malaysian Idol..after searching the net for this clip for centuries..who can forget this classic..

The guy who disgraces Malaysia

Highlights :
Contestant : "#$%^&*..kua zi bai pa zi bai(see u one time whack u one time)!"

Do u guys watch 'One In A Million'?

I watched my first full episode yesternite n WOW..the quality's better than 'Malaysian Idol' least i think so. My favourites are :

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Cindy(top-left : striking a pose!), Ching(bottom-middle), and Suki(bottom-right).

The one i like best is Suki! She's kiut(although not as kiut as you-know-who but that's not the point). Now that she's in the top 12 i wish her all the best. Next is Cindy followed by Ching. Hopefully there'll be a top 13 so can at least fit one of them. KIUT KIUT KIUT!

But if wan banding kiut-ness, who can beat..

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THE SUPER-DAMN-KIUT HOST MARION! and the small girl too!

Damn..'One In A Million' is a contest to find the cutest girl in Malaysia issit?

Ladies n gentlemen, this is my..

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See the new layout? It's based on the simplest n nicest K2 template by Michael Heilemann, Chris J Davis, and Safirul Alredha. I hope u like Jay it.

Today is the 2nd of July 2006..8 months after the inaugural launching of Confirm Cekap.
8 months x 30 days = 240 days
240 days / 100 posts = 2.4 day per post
That means i'm currently using almost 2 1/2 days to produce 1 post. Not too bad la hor?
More to come from me that's for sure. =)

To see the old layout..proceed >>here<<.

p/s : So now i'm gonna leave my blog like this for..say..2 weeks? Taking some time off n going to Mauritius to celebrate my "achievement". Hope to hear from u guys. Cheers!