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Tong Hua

Yes yes..who doesn't know Guang Liang's utmost popular song "Tong Hua"? Even my neighbour's dog knows how to sing it. But have u all listen to the Cantonese version b4?

So i've been searching this Cantonese version one for quite some time liao..until recently i've FOUND IT! Listen to it by clicking the "play" button below.

WAT?!? U can't see the player? Oh..if u're an Internet Explorer supporter(like me)..u have 3 choices.
1) U're one of the cekap tech guys who has the necessary plug-ins installed to ur browser so u're viewing it just fine. So bless u.
2) U can go download Mozilla Firefox..this browser can view it perfectly.
3) Click on >>this<< to go to the page so you could listen to it.

p/s 1 : The voice of the singer sounds familiar rite? Dunno listen where b4. =P
p/s 2 : Who pernah gamdung-ed(touched) by this song(no matter who's version) plz leave a comment oh.


你陪同我 陪一世好麼
童話裡面 我發現
我甘願 為你說願意

Edited on 03/05/06 at 11:15pm.

Small talk : Have u guys tried these?

No?!? too! I have them in front of me though. When i've savour them i'll tell u wat they taste like. =)

U know..ppl tend to get secretive n mysterious some time of their lives. Like for example, my coursemate/fren MeiYi. She has been asking blogging techniques from me for like months. So after teaching her some basics i've asked her numerously, "When r u publishing ur first blog ha?"..she'll go like, "Nola, actually i'm not blogging la..just trying out something."

Yeah rite.

So yesterday i was checking my StatCounter n i saw a "Came from" link that was Now now..finally she's done it huh? So i mar click to her blog lor.


Her first post dates back to February 04, 2006 leh! So she has been secretly blogging for some time now. I wouldn't have known that her blog existed if not for my StatCounter. It appears that she's just added the links section to her blog yesterday..that's y.

Referring to her post >>here<<. I am the sifu/mentor of 2 new bloggers leh! I IS PROUD. So who wan start blogging? I can be ur sifu oso( face's skin is very thick one).

One more thing..stop copying my "Blog i read" links leh.

School meme

So i was tagged. Erm..about school i see. Let's go!

How many schools did I go to?
SRJK (C) Taman Rashna, Klang for primary and SMK La Salle Klang for secondary. That'll be 1+1..wait..i'll go get my scientific calculator. (1) (+) (1) (CALC)..2. Oh great..2 schools! Many dun realise that i'm from a chinese primary school. hua yu very keng..i mean hen li hai okay.

Was I the studious nerd, or the last minute hero?
Last minute hero..always. I've always been average when it comes to studies..placing in class is always around no.9, 10, 11 like that.

Was I the class 'taiko' or the teacher's pet?
In primary i was neither. Secondary perhaps more to the teacher's pet side. Maybe b'coz i was a i was like "obedient" and "helpful".

What was the biggest rule I broke in school?
It has been a transformation for me from primary to secondary. B'coz of my lazy nature..i was probably the teachers' "most remembered" student in term of not doing homework(i was in the class..and being in a chinese school..not doing homework is rather uncommon). BUT chinese schools have 20+ homeworks a day..that's CRAZY! When i went to secondary..PHEW..everyday homework(at all) was great..and i excelled in studies more!

Three subjects I enjoyed.
Let me see..Defence Against the Dark Arts, Charms, and Apparition. Yeah..i oso wan become Auror when i've passed my NEWTs. Oh crap..i dun remember i've ever enjoyed studying. Reading yes. So maybe English and Bahasa?

Three teachers that inspired me.
This one i put "no comments" can? Hehe.

Remember YeeChong The Great Panda's accident? After the following incident, i hope none of my frens, nor i, would be involved in any accidents/bad-luck-stuffs-that-involve-cars anymore.

So I was chatting with fren/housemate/lazypig CheeSon on msn..

cheeson says:
cheeson says:
sobs sobs
cheeson says:
my car is injured

e-quan [] says:

cheeson says:
motor bang me
cheeson says:
and the fella fly
cheeson says:

e-quan [] says:
e-quan [] says:
from back?
cheeson says:
stupid lar
cheeson says:
i parked my car in p16
cheeson says:
by the road side...
cheeson says:
then the fella come fown slope veli fast
cheeson says:
brake tak makan enuf, so ke skied
cheeson says:
cheeson says:
then bang my bmper
cheeson says:
then he fly 100 meters

e-quan [] says:

cheeson says:
ok lar...exagerating oni lar...maybe bout 10-20 meters

e-quan [] says:
then u saw that LIVE n EXCLUSIVE?

cheeson says:
cheeson says:
cheeson says:
cheeson says:
cheeson says:
i suddenly veli hardworking go talk with lecturer
cheeson says:
so come out too late
e-quan [] says:
then is how ler? the fellar chows edi lar?

e-quan [] says:
u know who is it anot? any compensation?

cheeson says:
the fella injured...go PK
cheeson says:
got saksi ler...haha..huiping
cheeson says:
actualli its my classmate for VLSI
cheeson says:
the fella kepala pecah
cheeson says:
need stitches la...=P
cheeson says:
got his number evelithing...then i ciaoz alredi
e-quan [] says:
e-quan [] says:
u is can be badluck of the year
e-quan [] says:
eh eh..i think i maybe nkow wat happened ler
e-quan [] says:
wait ha
e-quan [] says:
u c corret bor?

e-quan [] sends:
(+click on image to enlarge)

Transfer of "accident.JPG" is complete.

cheeson says:
hahaha...ya..i have a feeling so..=)
cheeson says:
luckily theres no car bhind me
cheeson says:
if not he goner alredi
cheeson says:
fly to the car bhind me...kena windscreen
cheeson says:

This post is quiet delayed..

March hosts birthdays to my coursemates WeiLing and MeeiFong. (WeiLing and MeeiFong)'s housemates(they live in same house) decided to celebrate with them in Dream On Cafe. Why? Dunno..their house very like the place wan..Annie(oso their housemate)'s bd was also celebrated there..hehe. The place is actually not bad wan(the atmosphere)..just that..the food n drinks cannot make it leh..and it's very expensive..yadda yadda..

(yadda for 10 whole minutes)

..but our main aim is to celebrate their bds the place is fantastic..nice choice.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Me, MeeiFong, Elaine. Then is too many ppl liao..every1 fighting to have photos taken with the bd girls..i is not berjaya take with WeiLing leh. =(

Image hosting by Photobucket
This one is a decent group photo rite? But this kinda photos u all see oso sien liao rite? U all is like i bulat-bulat n write things wan rite? is u all wan me bulat ppl wan ok? Is not i very free n wan go bulat myself ok? Yadda yadda..

Image hosting by Photobucket
1. I bet ChunJern doesn't even know wat's happening.
2. HuiPing decided to cover my mouth b'coz i yadda too much.
3. B'coz confirm his face can't masuk the photo, so he(dunno who) decided die-die oso have to show at least one of his body parts(hand with victory sign leh).
4. When Adeline smile her eyes like Mashi Maro hor?
5. ...


Below is a self gratifying post(it's a f**king long one too), i highly recommend that u DO NOT READ ON coz after u read liao u might start think that E-quan is a syok-sendiri person n worst still..start sebarkan khabar angin that E-quan is a syok-sendiri person. I is dun likes it.

So on that 2 girls singing in the cafe leh. One is the main vocalist lor..then another girl is play guitar n sing abit he ying one. The combo very keng leh!

Then is hor, after we sing the bd song to WeiLing n MeeiFong, WeiLing's boyfriend ran up the stage to perform(sing n play guitar okay) Beyond's 喜欢你(Saya suka engkau) to WeiLing leh. It's lam-until-can-die-dot-com.

Then the girls(namely YinTing, HooiMin, MeiYi, and led by bd girl MeeiFong) urged me, yes go on stage to sing a song leh. WALAO..SIAO MEH?!? Then i mar say "Dowan" lor. Then is MeeiFong use dirty-trick. She ran up on stage to tell the main vocalist to announce that i wan sing a song later..VERY JUET rite? Then hor i feel dun have guy sing for another bd girl, MeeiFong is cannot. So i memberanikan diri ran up on stage n without any shame asked the main vocalist whether i can sing a song later anot. It's under these circumstances that i had my virgin cafe singing experience. =)

Girl #1 = Main vocalist. Girl #2 = Guitarist. Me = me lah!
Girl #1 : So hor..u wan sing wat song ha?
Me : Ah ah..u got wat songs in ur album ha? I can't remember lyrics leh.
Girl #1 : No..u just tell me wat song n who sing 1.
Me : Ah ah..(out of words).
(Me then ran up n down..coz i is very stunned ma..then i forgot i know how to sing who's songs liao.)
Girl #1 : ...
Me : Oh oh..u got the song 王菀之's 我真的受伤了(Saya benar-benar terluka) ar?
(Girl #1 flips album.)
Girl #1 : Yes got got.
Me : Phew(lucky!).
Girl #2 : You is try sing one phrase of the song.
Me : Huh? Okok. "窗外阴天了.."
Girl #1 : The key got very high anot? Try again.
Me : "窗外阴天了.."(<--lower key)
(Girl #2 fondles with her guitar for a while. Say..less than 5seconds.)
Girl #2 : Okliao..u can start sing oredi.
Me : (Use your imagination)




(I is very like this song leh..i can be lam-ed to death by has to be 王菀之's version though.)

Image hosting by Photobucket
Me n Girl#1.

I tell u..the experience is really GREAT leh(Oklor..thanks YinTing, HooiMin, MeiYi, MeeiFong). It beats singing in KTV like a million times! For me..anything that's LIVE is confirm nice. That's y i like concerts so much.

So now i is need to guest-sing in someone's concert(venue at least like Genting's Arena of Stars la). If i've done that..i can die without regret.

Small talk : For the last post hor, is dun have answer wan..wakaka!

Today i got back my Numerical Method Test 2 paper. For Test 1 >>here<<. B'coz of the bad omen last time..i got a sense that this time it'll be bad too. Well..IT DID! DAMN IT!

Referring to above : Distance is a function of Time(or issit opposite..oh i dun care).

So i mar write f'(t) = something something lor. As in the function, f' is dependant on time, t la. Mana tau like that is cannot. Cos(referring to 1st photo)..the distance is labelled as s ma. So hor, to be mathematically should be s'(t)..TAMADE! Like that kena potong 1 mark lor.

Then is hor, the lecturer explains y he must so meticulous n potong our marks like that. He is say hor, "If i dun use this kinda trick..then u all ALL get full marks that is cannot." !#$%^&* that oso can? Where is the compren department?


On another case, I IS 66% LOOK IS JET LI leh..according to MyHeritage.

(+click on photo to enlarge)

Me = Jet Li. Potong stim wei.

At least MrBrown looked like TonyLeung ok? I is wan look like EdisonChan or LeonLai, if not TakeshiKaneshiro leh.

Dye & Curl is IN

Hey..back in Skudai liao. Today sat a stupid bus..move slower than the time i need to finish my meal, hotter than CheeSon's sauna room, noisier than WeeVern+WeiAng+ChunJern laugh together..cukup frust.

Anyway..i haven't get a place for Industrial Training leh..any taiko taisou out there got lobang anot? PLZ HELP ME!

On another case..let's look at the photos below :

Image hosting by Photobucket
Who is this pretty girl ler?

Is it :

Image hosting by Photobucket
(A) Jolin Tsai (Taiwan)

Image hosting by Photobucket
(B) Ayumi Hamasaki (Japan)

Image hosting by Photobucket
(C) Song Hye-Gyo (Korea)

Or is it

(D) None of the above

You guess.

Last november, my sis scored 7As in UPSR. Read >>here<<.

Shit sibblings are getting scarier n scarier. My bro just called to announce that he's got 4As for STPM!!!

CGPA = 4.0 ok!!!

Have to korek money buy present for him liao(in a happy way la that is). I think he wants a new camera..maybe share share with mom..c how. Anyways..i happen to be going back to Klang in 4 1/2 hrs time..just nice for the celebration. =) this brother(me) has to buck up more to show a better example? Shit cgpa like crap here in utm leh..DIE.

Hey big spender!

Small talk :
1)Today i went to putri to dabao duck rice. The usual one that i go was closed so i had to go to the lansi-but-more-sedap shop to dabao. It was packed like f***. The workers there r the most impolite lot on earth. I saw the boss scolding repeatedly at his worker(female), "Oi..dun dream ok? Carry these to table bla bla." This is damn prepared..the worker carried the things n while she turned..i swear..she cursed so defiantly, "CHAO CIBAI!" Walau..keng rite? This is not like the normal ccb u hear ppl scolding occasionally. It's full of hatred, fire, etc etc. In the end i din wait..went dabao chicken rice instead =).
2)This was how YeeChong looked like while in class after deprivation of a whole nite sleep :
Image hosting by Photobucket

This is abit late..sorry. U know i mentioned that we went enjoy b4 doing the home test? These were wat we did that weekend. U know wat..after our virgin entry to Eskimo..we were spending like siao-lang..we go out almost every weekend..damn. Photos photos photos..

Image hosting by Photobucket
My car members : Me, SzeLek, CheeHoa, Elaine. Embarking on our journey to Permas Jaya Nasi Lemak.

Image hosting by Photobucket
WTF?!? 1 whole hour onli reach? Kinda far rite?

Image hosting by Photobucket
This post is so so so familiar. I might have a thousand of these photos.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Walau..not as delicious as claimed leh. RM4 a plate. If u want to spend an hour driving here just to eat this nasi lemak..u might as well go die eat at a local mamak.

Image hosting by Photobucket
These are f*** punya sates. It's like they(the sates) were fried and when they(the shop) want to serve them(the sates)..they(the shop) just bbq'ed them(the sates) a while n serve. VERY THE NOT NICE.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Peace to the world.

Image hosting by Photobucket
MeiYi, ChinChin, Elaine, HooiEan, IanCing.

Image hosting by Photobucket
The next stop was supposed to be movie then supper at Burger King. But it seemed to be out of the way if we went for movie first, thus..YAU EAT!

Image hosting by Photobucket
SzeLek, Me, Kelvin, CheeHoa. Why Burger King u ask. Coz it's like, i'm not sure, is it the onli BK in JB? That's y go there try try. This one is the type joined with petrol station 1(Petronas to be specific).

Image hosting by Photobucket
Cheese Mushroom..nice. Wah..early early should come here eat la.

Image hosting by Photobucket
HooiEan and SenTian. Announcing the pengacau : CheeHoa.

Image hosting by Photobucket
I have another thousand of these too.

Image hosting by Photobucket
New group "Toilet-Girls" strikes back. See >>this<<.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Spongebob Squarepants. I dunno y..but it seems that alot of my coursemates never watch this cartoon b4. HOW COULD THAT BE POSSIBLE?!?

Image hosting by Photobucket
So later on we went Tebrau to watch this. Actually we wanted to watch "I Not Stupid Too" but it was a sold-out..damn. was really nice too..power-packed!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Sign reads, "PLEASE DO NOT BRING UNPAID SHOP ITEM INTO THE TOILET BOOTH". Why? You ask. B'coz, "We have fitting rooms in the don't have to try the clothes in the toilet..hehe."

Image hosting by Photobucket
This was how Tebrau looked like after our movie(around 1:15am). Onli RedBox was still open(until 3am wor).

Image hosting by Photobucket
These are our movie tickets.

Image hosting by Photobucket
I am wuliao-until-can-die-dot-com creative!

Ever had those days when u need to rush an assignment? I had one recently.

So it was Friday. Well..home test(Industrial Control) was due on Monday..y rush it? Besides..some1 will have it done by the weekend so we could just copy..easy job.

So it was Saturday. Heck..nobody's done it yet..dun worry..tomolo SURE got ppl finish oredi 1. We go eat Permas Jaya Nasi Lemak, then Burger King, then movie at Tebrau..we should live life to the fullest(<--crappest sentence i've ever heard). Live life to the fullest (is not same with) enjoy to the maximum.

So it was Sunday nite. WTF..nobody's done it yet? Cham cham cham. Shit to hasilkan one set of papers for the lecturer tomolo? At that moment..around after dinner..every1 was cracking their heads on the project "Traffic Light System". Normally we would just copy some1 else's..but this time EXCEPTIONAL no one done it onli.

Time 1:30am, Monday. F*** IT LA..exclaimed every1. I can't wait any longer..i'll just do my crap n hand in tomolo. So every1 was juicing their brains to produce the most suitable-and-working model possible(for the first time..haha). Eh..i oso din copy other ppl and produced my own model ok? Hehe.

By 7:15am..

Die-die oso berjaya produce something.

State diagram. Think myself ok.

Ladder diagram. I simulated it..the green, yellow, and red lights were lighting in accordance to the sequence..just that..hehe..when lighted it won't go off..muaHAAHAHAHAAHA. What the heck..have to hand in anyway la.

Morning sun was shining through my window(sunshine fill my window..that's what you shining star-ah-a-ah-a)..oredi 8am. So finally without a nite's sleep it has been completed. Might as well go breakfast then straight go class.

Every1..i mean EVERY1 was having panda eyes. YeeChong was eating bamboo shoots..he must have metamorphosized overnite.
Lecturer : So how..u all done oredi anot? Okla..give u all tomolo afternoon..let u all troubleshoot it and make adjustments.
Us : WAH PIANG-eh!

p/s : In the end, we handed it in anyway..we just couldn't/wouldn't spend any more time on it anymore. =)

Iswara vs Kancil

I was chatting with fren YeeChong on msn..

e-quan [] says:
e-quan [] says:
e-quan [] says:
so u go langgar kancil?

ʼnΌηŎ~~~~ says:
ʼnΌηŎ~~~~ says:
lect kancil
ʼnΌηŎ~~~~ says:
wahlan...sad sial...knn

(random chats)

e-quan [] says:
OKOK..BACK TO THE wat happened??

ʼnΌηŎ~~~~ says:
i going out junction lo..tot he pass alr...i looking at other site...kancil so small din
ʼnΌηŎ~~~~ says:
ʼnΌηŎ~~~~ says:
happy new year

(he quite humourous hor?)

e-quan [] says:
e-quan [] says:
it's like damn kaulat punya issit?

ʼnΌηŎ~~~~ says:
ʼnΌηŎ~~~~ says:
kancil apa pun takda
ʼnΌηŎ~~~~ says:
apa hal pun takda
ʼnΌηŎ~~~~ says:

e-quan [] says:
then ur car??

ʼnΌηŎ~~~~ says:
mine...head light pecah...bumper jatuh
ʼnΌηŎ~~~~ says:
front kemek...

e-quan [] says:
ʼnΌηŎ~~~~ says:
ʼnΌηŎ~~~~ says:
bless i dont need pay him...he kesian me..
ʼnΌηŎ~~~~ says:
he onli 2 line scatch
ʼnΌηŎ~~~~ says:
e-quan [] says:
u mean ccb?
e-quan [] says:
knnbccb better

ʼnΌηŎ~~~~ says:
ʼnΌηŎ~~~~ says:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Uncle, auntie, gogo, jiejie, didi, meimei, little cute babies..good day to y'all! Today my site counter hit 2,000 leh. Coz previously i got post when it surpassed the 1,000 mark >>here<< so i thought i should blog about this too!

Not including this post..i have all together posted 24 posts since the 1k mark..which means an average of 42 unique visitors for each post. A hike of 12 persons compared to the last 1,000 batch. Abit of improvement la..thanks to u guys.

How it all started..

Confirmcekap was launched on the 2nd of November 2005(my birthday!).

Confirmcekap during christmas..snow falling.

Confirmcekap during dropping.

Well well..hope confirmcekap continues to improve day by day. Besides being my personal journal..i hope the contents i presented will "benefit" u in the present day..if not in the future..yadda yadda yadda..

Small talk :
1)Elaine finally got her Big Envelope today. 362/400!!! A 63-point difference. I feel intimidated..very.
2)Just came back from Eskimo(again). Among the worth to be mentioned :
b)Around 10 ppl celebrated their bds there.

c)The main vocalist's name is Yi Wen..damn..girl's name.
e)Coming back time got road block. Speed i think. But i drive like a no prob.

My fren Kelvin finally launched his blog. I feel it's very nice so i'm giving a free promotion for him here( if i charged him he would care). Plz do pay him a visit at According to him, "gemuk" means fat(duh!) and genug is "enough" in German(u know la..just to show off he's taking German language classes). So does gemukgenug means he's fat enough? You'll have to visit him to find out. Personally i feel he should have named his blog! no offence k).

Come u all something :

Oi oi..i need my lawyer. Where's the "compren" department?

Now now..still waiting for MeiYi's blog. Soon i think =P.

Big Envelope

Small talk : Arsenal drew Real Madrid 0-0(Agr 1-0) at Highbury to qualify into quarter-finals of the Champions League. Watched until 5:45am..luckily win..if not wasted my time.'s the most exciting goal-less match i've even seen.

FYI, i've been taking Japanese language class like..for 2 years oredi!?!..and at the end of last year(2005), a bunch of us gathered our guts to sit for the widely-recognised Japanese Language Proficiency Test(JLPT) Level 4. Level 4 is for n00bs(like us) where as Level 1 is the highest(professionals). Did i say i've been taking Japanese class for 2 years now?!? I still don't speak any Japanese and the most cekap phrase Elaine n I can manage is "Anata no denwa bangou wa nan ban desuka?"..which means "What's your telephone number?". Yeah..we thought it was important that we knew that just in case we wanted to kauchai/kaului in Japan..hehe.

So rite..the results of the test are supposed to be out early March. All those who took their test in Penang got their results early(all sweat) while me(took in Kuala Lampar) was waiting eagerly for my Big Envelope(u'll get a small one if u least that's wat i heard). came(hehe..Big Envelope okay).

Image hosting by Photobucket
Now i have a Japanese n00b cert..kinda proud actually.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Well..just to prove that i wasn't cheating. Oh..there's a "Date of Birth" too! I mean..i didn't intentionally wanted to show u that but now that u've known..plz remember my present on the 2nd of November..thanks in advance. You're so kind.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Reading - Grammar : 130/200(damn..cukup n00b). Total : 299/ more point would have made it look nicer.

The passing mark for this year is 60% which is 240/400. Okok..i admit..i'm not good at all. My fren YinTing was abit higher than me(i won't say the abit is how much coz i scared kena zham by her later). But is got pay for extra class n i is ownself study one ok? So overall..I IS BETTER..haha(die die oso wanna win). Elaine got (to be updated)/400!!! Now..a (to be updated)-point difference. I feel intimidated =(.
*Elaine's Big Envelope still hasn't arrived..n my post can't wait liao. So how do i know i'll be intimidated leh? Well..i just know..hehe.

HOWEVER..look :

Image hosting by Photobucket
At least i'm one of the lucky 51.4% who were certified outside of Japan. So..that proves that i'm better than those losers a better n00b than the remaining 48.6%! Try again next year yeah(the test is onli available once a year..the first Sunday of December..worldwide).

All the best!

WTF?!? I think Blogger messed up my blog. Look at my 'Fei'-ism is everywhere's wrongly placed n some of the contents are GONE! I felt that this is quite a nice post so i'll repost it(from memory). Any1 can tell me how to back-up blog posts? Will really appreciate it.

-------'s time that i annouce the results.

Pic A
Image hosting by Photobucket
75% voters rooted for CheeHoa. CORRECT! You all see from his A-cup "breasts" izzit?

Pic B
Image hosting by Photobucket
45% voters rooted for YenPin..also CORRECT! Kelvin got 30% votes also..u all sengaja one rite? Hehe.

So hor..tonite we went supper at Jalalludin's. This guy(most prob the Boss there) came to take our orders. I can swear to u..his 'fei'-ness is can challenge our Mr 'Fei' SEL 2006 that POWER. Let me show u why :

Case 1
Me : Garlic nan satu.
Boss : Ayam tandoori mau?
Me : Tak mau..nan saje.
Boss : Nan saje ar..pinggan mau?
(WAH PIANG-eh..can fei until this level?)
Me : (Muahahahaha). Mau mau..pinggan mau. Kasi taruk itu dahl sambal semua.

Case 2
YenPin : Ada kaya cheese nan ar?
Boss : Cheese kaya nan ada.
YenPin : Kaya cheese nan dan cheese kaya nan tak sama meh?
Boss : TAK SAMA. Kaya cheese nan letak kaya dulu baru cheese. Cheese kaya nan letak cheese dulu.
(WAH PIANG-PIANG-PIANG-eh..he's from which stand-up comedy?)

On a totally irrelevant topic..let me show u a cute photo :
Image hosting by Photobucket


Hopefully this post goes undisturbed.