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I've had the privilege to go through an interview over the phone with an american conglomerate lately (30 minutes). It is some sort of a first round interview. Getting or not getting the job is secondary, I felt the questions being asked are quite challenging and worth to be shared. Anyway, just recording them down for my own reference in the future.

1. Describe your working experience in detail.

2. Describe the key satisfaction from your current work.

3. Describe the key dissatisfaction from your current work.

4. What is the pushing or pulling factor for you to apply for this position?

5. Tell me a time in your work where you had to cope with less resources.

6. Everybody makes mistakes. Tell me a time you have made a mistake and what you have learned from it?

7. Tell me a time where you had to convince a customer that did not agree with you in the beginning.

8. Tell me a time where you had to take a risk and it turned out to be a good outcome.

9. If I was to contact your line manager at this time, tell me two qualities that he/she will use to describe you.

and a few more questions.

Just imagine how would the final interview be!!!