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Hey there, it's the weekend again! I'm just back from an adventure i must say. Cycling in the snow for 30km! Maybe more about that in coming posts.

Today we are going to talk about living standard in this place that i have already stayed for 3 weeks now. 2 more weeks and i'll be back to MY. This place is a little town in Finland called Vaasa. Let's see photos!

A super small hotel room, one nite = 90EUR

A complete apartment(2 rooms, kitchen, sauna) rental, one day = 50+EUR

A Pepsi = 1.5 to 2EUR
Note: All shops and restaurants sell soft drinks in bottle forms only! No cans.

Lipton Tea(50 pkt) = 3+EUR
Note: I consider this super cheap.

Laundry powder = 3+EUR

Microwavable frozen pizza = 3+EUR

A huge nice pizza from a pizza house = 6EUR
Note: This is like the cheapest food here. The next is McD.

A complete meal from HesBurger(local version of McD) = 7+EUR

Fly lice and olen jus in a chinese restaurant = 10EUR
Note: Chinese food expensive!

Nice western meal complete with a beer = 20EUR

A cider = 5EUR
Note: Cider is now my favourite beer!

Bicycle rental for a day = 5EUR

Going to a ice hockey game(standing, no seat) = 14EUR
Note: It was a bit more expensive because it was the final.

Going to the toilet in McD = 1EUR!
Note: I completely cannot understand why there is a need to pay to pee. Not only here but everywhere else.

Do you know living standard in other places? Leave a comment.

On another note, let's see a photo of me n Elaine =P

She's still so cute and my eyes semakin sepet. -_-


Clubbing is like 6EUR for entry and 2EUR to hang your coat. Alcohol not included.

I forgot to mention it!!!

16th of March marked a whole one year I've been working here.
I started the first day on 17th March 2008.

Congrats to me!!!

Company P = 9 months, Company A = 1 year

Been working for total 1 year 9 months already, wtf. -_-

Hi there, dunno why, suddenly got feel wan blog, so here it is.

Today was a benefitial day. I learned about IEC61850 Goose Messaging in training! Haha, you really don't need/want to know about that.

Today's a shiny day as well. Shinniest i must say, ever since i've been here. The snow are starting to melt. They were saying that we are lucky to be here during this period because we could see two seasons in one trip - end of winter and beginning of spring.

So my training life here is like:
1. Wake up 6:30am and 7:30am take bus to company
2. Training course starts and it ends at 4pm
3. Take bus back to apartment
4. Check office mail(Malaysia) and start do office stuffs(my gawd, i hate this. training here but still need support homeland)
5. Dinner
6. Back to do office stuff if still not done yet
7. Online online online (facebook, digg, youtube, you-name-it)

As you can see, life like this is quite the sien. Looking forward to the weekend though. Last week we went skiing and this week they are planning to go to Sweden using ferry. Wow! Ok, will see how it progresses.

So back to the title "Bored in a foreign land". Gosh, i miss Elaine and my family alot. So kesian her alone there nobody teman. Really feel she is very wei da. Come here(central region) work so we could be together always. She got an offer to go Penang but she refused(but now think good also la, semicon industry situation now). Then the baddest thing i did - dump her in Company P and went to Company A. Haih, dunno wat to say. Me = bad bad bad. Luckily she is quite well compensated there(aha!) so she's not complaining much. Well, she doesn't ever complain. Such good and kind girl she is.
>> Wakaka, I think i type more of this u all will muntah so i'd better stop here. I pro in jump topic, see how i do it now.

So mostly when i'm in the apartment i look at the screen of my beloved company laptop - a Lenovo T60. I really "lap" you very much. You were there with me through "thick and thin". Wakaka.

I dunno about you guys but i use Google Reader to keep track of all the blogs/feeds I read. In this tool, there's this mechanism/algorithm which searches for the stuffs you read and automatically recommends something that you might be interested in. You know, like the youtube recommendation thingy. So i was browsing and i saw this:

Well, since i have so much time/i'm so bored so i clicked it.

I was brought to this site of a wonderful young lady(omg, i am sibeh old d) which is studying in the States. This is the type of blog where she tells about her daily life, her fashion style, how she's so in love with her bf, etc. IT'S SO NICE!!! It's simple, easy to read(with lots of pics) and keeps bring back the memories when Elaine and I was studying in UTM. Haiyor, think of it oso happy =). We used to stick together and read blogs like this(we are sibeh 8 ppl). Seeing young couples together like this makes me very happy leh, y ar?

I steal one photo from her flickr to show u all. Hope she doesn't mind.


Seriously cannot resist girls with cheeks like these. Tarik like that really damn nice. =P
Hope they kekal long long, get married, and have cute children!

Oh, can't believe it. Type so long d, just 10pm here, wtf. There was one day that I was really bored till kns, I went to sleep at 6:30pm.

Okla, i oso blog puas d. Facebook oso see puas d. Nothing to digg d. Will go sleep.

The line rox!

For a person who utilizes Streamyx back at home with 1024dl/512ul speed, the connection here with a mere:

is like double or triple better the quality.

Officially gay

I was browsing through facebook when I say my friend's wedding dinner photos!
I wanted to see them for a long I click in..

F***, look at my gay pose.

Oh no..I am officially gay. NOOOOO!!!!!!

Hi there, just wanna inform that I will be going Finland for training for a month.
Leaving tonite itself.
Datuk Lee, please don't fail us this time!

9th March - 9th April

Snow snow, here I come.
Will blog if possible.
Take care guys!