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I've been tagged!

Big spender jiin tagged me =). The reason i didn't responded previously was becoz..i hate being tagged?!? Yeah..that's true..i hate things like that..chain letters..forwarded mails that tell u if u don't do the same..u'll be in conditions like : badluck/nolovelife/cursed/dead in a matter of minutes(some even seconds). When i see mails like these..I'LL F**KING JAB THE DELETE BUTTON UNTIL THEY BURST! See where i am now : lucky/inlove/cursing/undead. So ppl..u can still forward mails like these to the ones u love n care..just not me ok?

Back to the topic..of coz i'll respond to jiin's tag. She didn't meant any harm..there weren't any hidden curse thingy at the end. Besides..she's i'm glad that she did tagged me. Here we go :

4 jobs you've had in your life: office admin, waiter, credit admin, full-time procrastinator.

4 movies you could watch over and over: stephen chow movie x 4.

4 TV shows you love(d) to watch: who's line is it anyway?, late show with david letterman, 24, prison break.

4 places you've lived: kl, shah alam, klang, skudai.

4 places you've been on vacation to: bali, chiang mai, brisbane, s'pore.

4 places you would rather be : on my bed, under the sun by the beach, on top of the bridge attempting my first bungee jump, on a plane attempting my first sky dive.

4 of your favourite food: chinese, anything to do with cheese, kfc, mcd's fries.

4 websites you visit daily: there access other blogs),,,


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