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Recently I had a business trip to Tampa, Florida, US of A..and man..that is a place really FAAAARRRRRRRRRR from home.

I was away for a total of 7 days and working days were 3 days. I spend 4 days just travelling(flights + waiting time)..WTF!!!

I had to go to Singapore > Frankfurt > New York > Tampa. The stop-overs are because MAS doesn't have an economy class flight from KL to New York on
However, I took Singapore Airlines and I must's really good(from flight services to loyalty programme)! Asia airlines CONFIRM beat western airlines anytime.

Today, i'm gonna share on the F&B services on the long trip i've endured. Because the trip is so fucking long, you get to eat alot of meals on the plane..and some of them are actually pretty good! I even took some photos of them and scanned the menu for your perusal. Do enjoy..

When only I can sit Business Class?

We'll begin with Supper [Singapore to Frankfurt]

Grilled beef steak served with roasted assorted vegetables and rosemary flavoured potato.
Can you spot the red wine?

Before touch-down [Singapore to Frankfurt]

Fried noodle with honey glaced roast pork, vegetables and mushroom

Breakfast and Light meal [Frankfurt to New York]

Scrambled egg served with bacon, mushroom and hash brown potato

Chicken supreme served with buttered vegetables and sauteed farfalle pasta

Ice cream

- - - - - - -

During my short stay on US soil, didn't really get to see nor do much. Took the below photo of the hotel we stayed though..

Damn like those cheap motels we see in the movies right?
Actually the room is not bad la.
USD89 a night(not including tax).

Wah, super attracted to this 8tv mandarin news newscaster --- SUPER CUTIE!

If managed to get home before 8pm sure hope she'll be the newscaster for the nite..hehe.

Some facts about her:
Ong holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Industrial Engineering) degree from University Technology of Malaysia. “During my industrial training, I realised an engineer’s life was not what I wanted so, I gave newscasting a try. Ong, who hails from Butterworth and has two younger sisters, likes to read, dance and swim, but says she rarely has time for that now.


Wah..super cute for a newscaster..syiok!

Wow, i'm amazed..

Filed tax return on 14th April


Got cheque on 13th May


Received a DHL package today..

Oh..goodie for nice..

WTF -_-

Like this waste resources meh?!?
I very pity the box.

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of update but since coming back from Finland, i hadn't had anytime to rest!!!

Was in Bintulu for a week and will be going to the States the week after next week for a week. (<-- four "week" word in a sentence, how about that)

Ok, so to go to the US of A i need to apply for a visa. In one of the forms(of so many f**king forms), it's stated "list all education institutions and contact number". Well, fine. At least I thought it was easy to obtain these infos. But heck, I couldn't find the phone number of my alma mater - SMK La Salle Klang!

Couldn't google it, not in the school magazine(to my amazement!), and not even in the sijil berhenti sekolah oh. In the end berjaya found it here.

To others out there searching this as well(haha, god knows why u need it), its:
Tel: 03-33717469
Fax: 03-33736950

p/s: I did not actually call to verify whether the number is still  active.