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Hi all. This is another wu liao post.

Recently, our local korean tv station(8TV) is airing a korean drama called "The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince". Got watch ma?

I got watch a few episodes. It's damn fei and wuliao man i tell u. Who watch is kinda s****d. But i feel this show is not about the show(what the heck am i talking), but it's more about the main actor..(ahem)..main actress Yoon Eun Hye.

This is Eun-Hye...

Wah pretty.

Wah fit.

Wah cute.

You all might remember her from another drama called Princess Hours or more famously known simply as хол.

For this Coffee Prince drama she turns 180 degree to act as a tomboy!

This is Eun-Hye again...


She's simply too shuai qi ler. I ter-fall for him..i mean her. Really yau yeng and all. Keng Keng. Can be pretty girl can be shuai guy. Haih. Sat all the chais n luis. Damn paria. To catch her performance, dun forget to watch...

Kedai Pertama Putera Kopi, hanya di 8TV.


I heart Pianos

Hi all. Me still on leave. Syiok ni. Haha.

Today watched CJ7 in the newly opened TGV cinema in AEON bukit tinggi. The movie was quite ok, not as bad as i heard it was. Actually the cinema itself might have contributed abit. The cinema is really good(it's new ma), and the seat is high till can support head and neck(goodbye TGV bukit raja). Watching KungFu Dunk tomolo nite pula..hehe.

I dunno u all know anot, i really love the piano as a musical instrument although i've never learned how to play one(of coz i can play abit since i got learn itu Electone la but that's not the point). I love it not becoz it can play really keng punya classical music(coz i dun like classical anyway), but i love it becoz it's like an instrument with class. Wah ceh.

I've always imagined growing up and having a large and comfortable home(like every other human being, haaha). Just in case that happens(hehe), i would also like to throw in an area(probably near the living hall), where i can put a Grand Piano. ONLY the Grand Piano. Which in my opinion, will make the house even more atas lor.

First hor, i thought my grand piano must be WHITE COLOUR!

Becoz white equals rare, rare is good. Rare is atas..haha.

But this perception of white is cekap is also mainly came from Richard Clayderman. He plays the white piano really too shuai d!

Born 1953. Wah piang, older than my father. I pernah watch his concert in Genting ler.

Then later on(when i was older), i was "wiser". White no good. Very easy dirty wan. Somore i won't really maintain(since i'm f**king lazy). I might as well get a BLACK COLOUR one. Got class somore easy maintain(but actually black hard maintain oso la..hehe).

See..gei yau yeng.

Then as time passed, more piano makers came up with creative designs for pianos. It was when this type of pianos came out that i changed my mind from black to this..

I must have a TRANSPARENT piano! Wah-phewit, nothing can be more atas than this.

I also thought so till one fine day i watched this movie..

"Secret" by Jay Chou.

Wah, put an ANTIQUE piano oso quite got taste and class hor?

So as you can see..taste boleh-lah berubah dari masa ke masa. Haha. The latest piano that i'm attracted to is nothing fancy(it's not even a Grand, just an Upright Piano). However, it's a DESIGNER piano. It's called the YAMAHA RADIUS.

Oh, such a modern design that will fit so perfectly into modern homes nowadays.

Let's see the ppl at Yamaha introducing this fine piece of art..

Yamaha Radius introduction by Yoshihiro Katsumata(Designer) and Peter Baartmans(Performer).

I can almost imagine having and playing one right now.

Money, oh money. Where art thou?

Local TV Celebs

Edison, you are my idol.

Hey all, how's CNY so far? For me abit the sien. Dunno la.
2ml going down Muar d. Stay one nite.

This post is abit wuliao AND i'm so gonna be killed by elaine for this. But nvm la. Too sien d dunno wan do wat.

So hor, i dunno u all got watch local television stations wan ma. For me i watch b'coz i dun have Astro(another sien thing). Then hor, i noticed alot lengluis on tv lately so wan kai siao u all ren shi. So u all go watch ma. Support BOLEH-land ma.

First hor, it's HISHIKO cute!! (photo taken from her friendster)

I oso dunno who she is wan. Then one day i ter-watch a mei shi jie mu called Yummy Trail on ntv7. Then ter-siot diu..haha. Keep on think, "Since when got this girl wan? Never c b4 wan. Tak mungkin ma." So after some googling found out she's from Star Idol wan. A show i never watch. Haha. But she's really really cute in the show ler. Can catch her in Yummy Trail la ha..ntv7 oh.

Then hor, we have Belinda ler

Pretty pretty!! (photo taken from her blog)

Belinda oso is suddenly muncul wan. You all got watch 8tv Quickie ma? She hosts alternately with some other hosts. Pretty ler. Nowdays can see her on alot of magazine covers. She oso got dai yan for one beauty product. Got ad on tv wan. Wondering if that's her real voice speaking chinese..hehe.

Okla, just like that nia. wuliao rite? Nvm year ma. Actually wan add some more girls wan (my favourite Revlon beauties on Deal or No Deal) but couldn't find pictures of them. So nvm ler. No pictures no syiok.

Happy CNY everyone!

This is post #230.

Just a short one.

Tanpa diduga, satu tahun telah berlalu. Sibeh fast. This year is rat year. Die. Oredi 24 years old d(chinese 25). Wish everyone of you out there have a fruitful year ahead without any bing tong(healthy healthy!).

Something new is coming my way this CNY too. Hope everything will turn for the better. Also hoping for a smooth transition. =P

Take care guys.

p/s: This Yin and Jiin memang cukup jimui. One by one contact ask play mahjongg. Without fail every year..haha.