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Small talk: Just came back from lunch with YC, SP, and SP's hubby. I see SP's face, full of happiness. Guess that's what you get when you're married. Really nice seeing you ppl after so long!

Hi there, long time didn't mem-blog. This Merdeka holiday came at the rightest time. Gave me abit of time to do some personal things.

Anyway, HAPPY MERDEKA! We must be 1Malaysia ok? At least 8% GDP growth every year till 2020 to achieve developed country status. Stop cutting cow's head ok? Malaysia Boleh!

So, I just returned from Shanghai actually..expecting a quiet and peaceful long weekend when suddenly, unwanted call from company received. I see the caller I already know d, FUCK. To make the story short, there is this problem at site(a really simple one but nobody knows/wants to solve it) which requires my immediate presence to resolve.

Wah, sungguh tak cekap la, nice Sunday morning need be at customer's place at 8am in PD. Told Elaine and my family about it. They weren't too happy but understood my situation. Because I know the nature of the problem at site so I promised that it'll be a quick one and I would come home in the afternoon. After that, I went out for my cyber/yumcha session with the guys. It was a real nice evening until eventually goddamned unlucky Arsenal lose to the CCB ManU. I was feeling moody alright.

When I returned home, my parents told me they were gonna fetch me down to PD 2ml while they go jalan-jalan there. I was like wtf, noneed la, i not small kid anymore, i could drive there myself la. They insisted, saying they wan go jalan-jalan coz boring at home, long weekend etc. I eventually gave in. =)

How many of you guys got kena fetch to work by ur parents b4? Haha. I can proudly say I HAVE and totally not ashamed at all! We left home at 6am and all the way I kept saying thanks to them coz teman me on a boring job assigment. We stopped by Seremban for breakfast and reached PD site at 8. All in all, the work was around 15minutes and rest of the time was waiting for them to retransfer the power. Left working place at 10:30am. Hahaha..

Mom was telling how they jalan'ed the whole PD during that time. She confirmed to me that PD beach is confirm condemned to max. Impossible to swim in it seeing how dirty the water was. Couldn't agree more. We left straight for home and managed to fetch my bro and sis for lunch. They just woke up wtf. (I really terikut how sweatlee blogs coz really cute to put a wtf unintentionally at the end of some sentences)

The conclusion is: I'm glad that a nice family Sunday has seemed undisturbed by my impromptu job assignment. And I am super happy, lucky, and grateful that I have the wonderfulest and bestest family ever. If I was to be reborn, I would like to be reborn into this same family~~


p/s: If you have not already read this.

Note to self: Today, I bought something very important in my life. I shall remember 1 Aug 2009~~