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Arlo there..enjoying ur frog porridge hor? Continue continue..dun care bout me.

Today(28th of Feb) happen to be WeeVern n my pa Ms Wong's bd. We had a huge gathering at a mamak named Safiah Tmn U to celebrate with them. It's huge i tell u..say 30+ ppl?!? A very happy birthday to them. May all their wishes come true.

Image hosting by Photobucket
WeeVern, me, SueiHuey.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Boss n personal assistant.

I was talking to SueiHuey : Wat better nite to do this than tonite rite? It's ur bd somore. She agreed..haha.

So as promised..

Bigass photo!
Image hosting by Photobucket
Ms Evangeline Wong Suei Huey
(The Evangeline is i add one..nice rite? I've oredi given out the name Irene is second person kena..very creative hor? As u can c..i know how to photoshop wan better dun tak jui me..if not [use your imagination here]..hehe).

The interview!

How do you feel after being crowned the inaugural Miss 'Yeng' SEL?
SH : Haha, Chua Yi Quan, u make me feel funny la..But just for the fun of's okla. Erm, nothing much of a feeling..coz everyone is equally 'yeng' to their own way.

What is the difference between a flip-flop and a latch? Haha, just joking. Would you like to answer though?
SH : I learn from the best, from Mr Arif - "Why are u insulting me with this stupid question?"..haha. To be frank, I never save the past syllabus in my memory..will korek them out when in need. :Þ

Now that you have won the title and all, are there any changes in your life? Do you have to dress up nicely and put on make-up even though you are just going to the convenient store?
SH : Of course no. I am still the same huey. 

Describe yourself in 5 words.
SH : Optimistic, positive, enigmatic, heterogeneous, easy-going.

Any hobbies or special interests?
SH : Reading, surfing the net, scripting down my thoughts.

5 things(not just objects) that you like.
SH : Music, art and crafts, philosophy, clothes and accessories, mushrooms.

5 things(not just objects) that you dislike.
SH : Cats, dust, exams (that's all I can think of, sorry :Þ).

Your friends refer you as beauty with brains. Would you like to comment?
SH : Well, I believe in 90% perspiration and 10% luck. I am not the genius type of smart. I have to study hard. Anyhow, I am grateful for everything I have.

Your friends also complimented on your nice hair. Any advice for the girls out there?
SH : Haha, actually my hair in thinning which is not good. I can't think of any advice..coz I don't really live a healthy lifestyle. Erm, perhaps good hair care products?

Ahem, do you have a boyfriend?
SH : No.

What kind of guys do you like?
SH : Mature, pleasant looking, caring.

Just say I am a normal desperate guy and am interested in you. Can I date you?
[This question is asked from a third-person perspective. E-quan has nothing to do with this.]
SH : Well, depends on the person, my first impression, right timing and place. Haha..right timing is important.

We are close to the end now. Any opinion on E-quan's confirmcekap blog?
SH : It's cool..maybe next time we can make it as the 'Memory of SEL'..and maybe if u could lessen the 'fei'-ness in it, it'll be perfect!! ^_~ But I am sure there are some readers who like it's ok..acceptable. Why don't you comment on my blog as well? :Þ

Before we wrap up everything, are there anybody you would like to thank?
SH : Special thanks to my boss, Mr Chua Yi Quan for his hard work making up the poll and to my friends who voted me (omg, you make me sound like an oscar winner delivering her speech).

E-quan : She's damn nice n sporting rite? Plz go to her blog >>here<< to give her comments n encouragement. I must say..this post is a superb finale. Cheers to the Queen!

B4 i start with YinTing's bd post. Let u all guess something : Below are 2 different photos. Guess who are they? (Scroll down for complete list of candidates). Guess correctly gets nothing..sorry to say =).

Pic A
Image hosting by Photobucket

Create polls and vote for free.

Pic B
Image hosting by Photobucket

Create polls and vote for free.

Ok..let's start.

25th of Feb is YinTing's bd. So hor..we planned this SURPRISE party for her on 24th nite. Due to the ineffiency of the Project Manager(timing problem), somebody had to crank some stupid ideas like(the car bumper dropped so we have to go down c c look look etc etc) in order to stall YinTing from returning to her house earlier..wakaka.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Got sandwiches(dunno got idea from who? =P).

Image hosting by Photobucket
Cannot win my sandwiches..sorry to say..hehe.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Bd cake.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
Bd girl.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Games session 1.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Games session 2.

Then that nite is finish like that lor..but hor..the celebration is not. On 25th itself..the par-tayy continues..

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Dunkin' Donuts Tebrau as breakfast.

Image hosting by Photobucket
My "employees". They call me "boss".

Image hosting by Photobucket
Me n Elaine.

So the next celebration was Chiong K at RedBox..coz me YinTing very like to sing 1. Then this bd girl brought along her fren XinYih(singing very-good-until-can-die-dot-com) so she could challenge my superiority intimidate me sing a duet with me wor. Nasib baik u din bring a guy fren which oso like this 1..if not sure whack u. Then hor..this room YinTing booked very Very VERY cekap one..let me show u :

Image hosting by Photobucket
Got plama as usual.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Then got this partition thingy..the upper part got the bar feel 1. The purple shirt is XinYih la. Singing is like playback from CD can?

Image hosting by Photobucket
Got PS2 can?

Image hosting by Photobucket
Got private toilet can?

Image hosting by Photobucket
The best things in life are shared..totally agree.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Me with bd girl.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Me n Elaine.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Alan Tam/Lin Jun Jie/Jay Chou & Hacken Lee(what the..i got one title onli?). But seriously..SzeLek's singing damn good ok.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Group photo..all together got 13 ppl can? Me n SzeLek not in this one.

Coz i think maybe we alot of ppl..and RedBox not full they allowed us to sing for 4 hrs(11am - 3pm)..which was great! After that the celebration is officially over. No more programmes after that. We went back home with a happy feeling(我们以依依不舍的心情踏上归路).

Normally i onli show u all how i enjoy my life here in Skudai rite? For example go gaigai, go eat, have parties, have polls, etc. So this time i'm gonna show u all how's my study life(i'm an undergraduate) here. I dare's quite "enjoyable" too.

During yesterday's 2-hour Industrial Control Art Class :

(+click on photo to enlarge)

Frog, peacock.

By various contributors.


Today i went to do my new matrix card(student id) after so-damn-the-long. B4 that when the new card was was like.."awe..i wanna have that". Now it's like if u're still having the old 1..u should be proud..u're among the going-to-extinct liao. Have to change coz school demands so.

The real one looks much nicer(i was allowed to take the photo twice..coz nobody there ma).

Today i got back my Numerial Method Test 1 paper too. I couldn't get full marks b'coz it was damn hard okay. Look :

[g'(x) < 1] is not same with [g'(x0) < 1]. How could i've missed that?!?

The correct answer is : (1.22, -1.31, 1.42). Wat to do..0.01 is a BIG difference okay.

So my life in uni basically like this lor. Got other uni stuffs i'll post up next time la. Ardios.'s time that i annouce the results.

Pic A
Image hosting by Photobucket
75% voters rooted for CheeHoa. CORRECT! You all see from his A-cup "breasts" izzit?

Pic B
Image hosting by Photobucket
45% voters rooted for YenPin..also CORRECT! Kelvin got 30% votes also..u all sengaja one rite? Hehe.

So hor..tonite we went supper at Jalalludin's. This guy(most prob the Boss there) came to take our orders. I can swear to u..his 'fei'-ness is can challenge our Mr 'Fei' SEL 2006 that POWER. Let me show u why :

Case 1
Me : Garlic nan satu.
Boss : Ayam tandoori mau?
Me : Tak mau..nan saje.
Boss : Nan saje ar..pinggan mau?
(WAH PIANG-eh..can fei until this level?)
Me : (Muahahahaha). Mau mau..pinggan mau. Kasi taruk itu dahl sambal semua.

Case 2
YenPin : Ada kaya cheese nan ar?=ding photographer Studio Coburg

What the..

Ms 'Yeng' SEL is currently very the interview can onli be done at a later time. For those who can't tahan waiting oredi..i suggest u hurry her.

As u all know..i'm currently in Skudai. Nobody knows my address here(as least that was wat i thought). So on this glorious tuesday..i checked our(i share a house with 3 other coursemates) mail box and found this :

Image hosting by Photobucket
Chua Yi Quan..that's me. But but..nobody knows my address here!

Image hosting by Photobucket
So i turned the envelope around n saw this return mail address : from kedah wor. Chun la..must be my secret admirer from the north of malaysia!!! But wait..Chang Ming Enterprise?!?

Image hosting by Photobucket
So still thinking it might be a fan mail..i ripped open the envelope vigoruously to see wat was installed for me.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
By following the advice i'll kena the lottery?!? Then i study here for fux ar?

Good day everyone. After a long battle..the winner is finally born. I present to u :

My pa Ms Wong Suei Huey..the ultimate winner!(20.00% of 40 votes casted)

First runner-up award goes to Ms Michelle Cheang(17.50% of 40 votes casted)..which shall be reappointed as Ms 'Yeng' SEL should the winner fails to perform her required duties. Congrats to the winner! She shall now be known as our most precious Ms SEL!

I asked her just now and she confirmed casually "agreed"(no black n white n non verbally) to do the interview with me! Yeah yeah..expect a bigass photo n an interesting interview in the upcoming post. She's so nice n wonder she won..cheers!

Walaueh..the competition for Ms SEL kinda sengit rite? Like will have 3 draws onli? However..we can onli have one winner ler. We shall know who the true one is by tonite.

Anyway..i've just(after almost 2 months plus i think) finished reading Dan Brown's "Angels & Demons"(courtesy of Elaine). With my cekap A1 in Bahasa..i'm quite confident that the translation is "Malaikat dan Syaitan"..correct me if i'm wrong..wakaka. The thing about Dan Brown's work is : He always tends to make his readers question his/her faith..but in the end..he will not guide u whether to believe or not to believe..but rather makes ur mind clearer whether to believe or not to believe(< this a sentence?). Anyway..u'll have to read the book to understand wat i meant. Coming back to A&D, i would have to say that it's as good as "The Da Vinci Code"(which i've read much earlier). The story is good..the plot is kanchiong. However..coz i've read TDVC..i kinda like know how's Dan Brown's style of writing n have correctly guessed the ending(damn..i dun like this happening). He's style is a double twist at the end. was enjoyable.

Image hosting by Photobucket
A&D and TDVC. I really love books..not really in reading them(onli some which interest me)..but rather in their cover, their smell, the idea that every book contains a work of somebody.

Towards the end..i discovered this :

Image hosting by Photobucket
For those who have the book..turn to page 539.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Mortati looked shattered. "What do you mean? He was honest! He...loved you."(<--the you in this sentence is referring to a guy..sounds gay hor?) But the best part was the following : "And I him."(<--WTF?!? AND I HIM?) So i proudly kindly used a pencil to add the missing word : "And I loved him." I can't believe i'm correcting Dan Brown's work..i'm so fei.

For dear HooiEan aka miss i-dun-frequently-chat-on-msn :
kinda - kind of.
rite - right.
onli - only.
tonite - tonight.
wakaka - expression of joy/laughter. literally means "haha".
walau - expression of disbelief. literally means "really?".
wat - what.
coz - because.
dun - don't.
WTF - expression of anger and disbelief. WHAT THE F***?!?
aka - also known as.

Please learn up these 11 terms..there WILL be a test.

Big spender jiin tagged me =). The reason i didn't responded previously was becoz..i hate being tagged?!? Yeah..that's true..i hate things like that..chain letters..forwarded mails that tell u if u don't do the same..u'll be in conditions like : badluck/nolovelife/cursed/dead in a matter of minutes(some even seconds). When i see mails like these..I'LL F**KING JAB THE DELETE BUTTON UNTIL THEY BURST! See where i am now : lucky/inlove/cursing/undead. So ppl..u can still forward mails like these to the ones u love n care..just not me ok?

Back to the topic..of coz i'll respond to jiin's tag. She didn't meant any harm..there weren't any hidden curse thingy at the end. Besides..she's i'm glad that she did tagged me. Here we go :

4 jobs you've had in your life: office admin, waiter, credit admin, full-time procrastinator.

4 movies you could watch over and over: stephen chow movie x 4.

4 TV shows you love(d) to watch: who's line is it anyway?, late show with david letterman, 24, prison break.

4 places you've lived: kl, shah alam, klang, skudai.

4 places you've been on vacation to: bali, chiang mai, brisbane, s'pore.

4 places you would rather be : on my bed, under the sun by the beach, on top of the bridge attempting my first bungee jump, on a plane attempting my first sky dive.

4 of your favourite food: chinese, anything to do with cheese, kfc, mcd's fries.

4 websites you visit daily: there access other blogs),,,

200 GIGAbytes!

ATT : Miss 'Yeng' SEL (Final) poll is at the bottom. If any1 of u can't vote plz leave a comprain note at the comments..becoz this stupid web-poll thing is giving a lot of problems. And the polls pula can onli support up to 7 choices of answers..damn.

I've almost always dun have enough disk space on my 40G hard disk(becoz i'm a download-freak..n i'm gawd-damn nostalgic..i can't make myself to delete useless old files). After i've bought my became worse : With a 3-megapixels setting..every event shooting adds almost 50MB of burden to my Western Digital. So after some deliberation..i've finally made up my mind to add an extra storage to support my digital needs(<--now that's a good phrase). I present to u :

Maxtor 160GB(7200rpm, 8MB) hard disk. RM272(plus the IDE cable). I'm officially broke =(. At least i'm not as big a spender like somebody..rm600 in 2 weeks..can die.

Because i'm a computer guru techno-savvy n i like to experiment..almost every additional things added to my com was done in a DIY style..this one included. Anyway..i hate having to send my CPU to a not-so-professional technician to do the job where u almost always gets something wrong when it's returned to u(sometimes scratches to ur CPU casing..arrgghh!!!). Besides..who would be dumb enough to pay some1 just to install a simple hard drive?(haha..i see some of my coursemates fuming..just kidding wei)

See kid on the block. 40G + 160G = 200G!

Anyways..for the technical ppl : I've totally undisturbed the original 40G hd..the operating system is still intact. Set the 40G hd to 160G as master..formatted the master..installed a new operating system. Why..u ask. Well..i SHOULD run my OS on my new hd since it's a faster one..besides..i'm a nostalgic(refer above) guy..i just didn't wanna format my old partitions. This one is a cekap 1 : Just in case the OS on my new hd crashes(choi!)..i could just boot up my old one(becoz the OS is still good) n rescue any files from my new one. Impossible u say? Wrong..becoz i've experimented with it..n it works!

Ladies n gentlemen, boys n is time. But before that..

Advertisement : My pa Miss Wong has moved! Apparently her friendster account was HACKED(damn..she's becoming more like xiaxue every day) n she can't access her blog anymore. But she is strong..she will u all can visit her at [].

Ok..serious matter now. It turns out that the Miss 'Yeng' SEL poll received overwhelming support! We even had 2 ties in the polls : Group A and Group E. So since like that..we'll have to have a 8-person final..just to be fair. The poll will be closed on this coming Sunday(19/02/06) nite. So i would recommend that u all check back at Sunday nite to see who won so u could congratulate her in person the following day in class..hehe. Let me Ctrl-C n Ctrl-V u go :
ATT : I will oso do an interview with the winner n put up a big-ass(means big la) photo of her on this blog(if she allows). Isn't this blog confirm cekap?

Hopefully she'll allow the interview to be done la(fingers crossed). wisely :

Miss Yeng SEL (Final)
Whos 4SEL most yeng girl?
Hooi Min
Lih Huey
Mooi Mooi
Pei Li
Suei Huey
View Result
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Elaine's 22nd BD

Just this last post b4 i put up the Miss 'Yeng' SEL Results(Preliminary) n the Final poll.

On the 7th of February 2006, I throwed a birthday party for Elaine(<-- this sounds wrong..shouldn't the person who's having his/her bd throws his/her own party? well..let's not get too technical). We've decided to have a party becoz normal mamak celebration seems a little university students..we must be CREATIVE & INNOVATIVE! Anyway..i think this is the first party among my coursemates to be thrown in such a formal way..keke. Everything prepared by me n Elaine..*sweat. Btw..YenPin's bd fell on the it's like a joint celebration oso.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Got balloons n banners can? Just in case u're blind the photo's too small..the words read "Welcome to Sia Elaine's B-day Bash!". YenPin's name was ommitted b'coz he's unimportant i totally forgot..paiseh..i mean i din forget ur bd la..just forgot include the name while printing..u know la..too got amnesia..cock..bull..

Image hosting by Photobucket
Got food and beverage can?

Image hosting by Photobucket
Sandwiches prepared by me! Me! ME! Nobody was admitted to the hospital the other day..keng anot?

Image hosting by Photobucket
Watermelon cubes.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Special in-house drink. Rambutans n Nata de Coco which were fused with below..

Image hosting by Photobucket
Sprite ICE. I shall name this drink : Rambutan-NatadeCoco-SpriteICE hambalang chamgaliao!

Image hosting by Photobucket
We have nuggets.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Sausages n fries too.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Me n bd girl.

Image hosting by Photobucket
The girls.

Image hosting by Photobucket
The guys' poses are so random..i like it.

Image hosting by Photobucket
22 cupcakes.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
Cut cake ceremony.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Eh y got another cake? Our miss creativity MeiYi has decided that hor..the 22 cupcakes must be finished by the 2 bd boy n girl..then hor..takkan the participants no cake to eat ma rite? So she prepared another cake(walau..sai me sai so creative..keng..i respect u). This time the bd boy n girl have to sing bd song to us..wakaka.

Image hosting by Photobucket
We(participants) sent our representatives : CheeHoa n Kelvin(gay couple) to cut the cake.

Image hosting by Photobucket
I somore employed a live can't get better than this rite? Kidding..the above is couple HooiEan n Ah-Tian-Go(SenTian). There were nice enough to sing us a few songs.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Elaine with her cupcake. Look at the's signed!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Happy Birtday to Elaine..(pause)..Happy Birthday to you.

Image hosting by Photobucket
After that got programme somore..look at CheeSon's ace..ban sai ye..hehe. Damn..look at Dou San somore(Dou San : Photos taken of him is always from the back).

Image hosting by Photobucket
Girls played Da Feng Chui(Angin Bertiup). Walau..very nostalgic huh?

Image hosting by Photobucket
Girls just wanna have fun take photos! if C = Curly and S = Straight then front row : C, C, C, S; back row : C, S, S, C(most recently), S(keep on change..unstable parameter).