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My Confirm Cekap Parents.

Small talk : Just reached Skudai. The SE bus damn cekap. Left at middle stop to eat for 20mins. 8pm reach liao. Faster than i drive car. Oh yeah..tamade..Speedy n Music Valley here out of Jay's new album..very marah can?

This post is dedicated to all the parents in this world. Because without you all, who are we all? This will also be my first correct-English post. No Manglish. No abbreviations.

I realised I have long written a pure words-only post. My normal posts would usually be bombarded with photos, but not this time. What I want to express now would be better presented alphabetically. So for those of you who are patient, do read on. I had wanted to write this for quite some time now. Today seems to be the right day as I am especially filled with the uummpphh to do so.

My parents are the best parents any child could have had. They grew up in the same village and knew each other since secondary school. They were not the smart ones in school as I was told. "During my days those who were smart are now successful politicians or some big-shots. Too bad I wasn't one, haha.", joked my Dad. So what happens when you are not book-smart and you were not born with a silver spoon in your mouth? You got to be street-smart and work your ass off like a cow! In search of a better living, my parents came to the big city that is KL soon after they got married.

Fuck, I am already teary now and it has only been the introduction.

My Dad worked as a cars salesman and my Mom a clerk. My Mom stopped working when yours truly was born into this world. Full time house manager, till now. She would relate to me how hard it was when they had their first child. "When you were born, I see you so small size, I was really afraid that I might not able to bring you up."

Fuck, I really should not have started writing.

My Mom always tells me this little story where I was a hungry baby. You know this milk bottle where it is used to feed a baby? She says she needs to fill it up till the very end of the sucker tip just so it could satisfy the baby me. A bit exaggerating rite? She also says she only buys the best and most expensive dairy milk out there. I forgot the brand. I always feel something when I listen to this story. I would imagine my parents eating white rice with soy sauce while the baby me is happily sucking his GradeA milk. Damn. My Dad worked really hard and thanks to the people he met who helped him on the way, he got promoted really quicky. I can still see his "Best Salesman of the Month X, Y, Z.." medals in the house. He still works in the car sales line till this very day. The thing about my Dad is, he is a Yin Shui Si Yuan(When you drink water, you must know where the source came from.) person. He always tells me to be appreciative of the people who has helped me on my way. Respect.

We will talk about the present now. I would like to thank my parents for bringing me up. I will be turning 22 this coming November and I am still very much dependant on them. Shame on me. I could not remember there was a time when I was hungry but I was not fed. I could not remember there was a time when I needed them and they were not there. That is how great my parents are. When I was about to enter university, my Dad bought me a car.

Fuck, tissue tissue.

My Dad might not know this but I am REALLY appreciative that he bought me the car. A car. I do not even know how to earn a penny yet I am using HIS money to feed the car that I AM driving. Sometimes I wonder what good deeds I did in my previous life to enable me to have my present life. Oh yes, back to the car. The car enables me to go where I want to..duh. I can go to school, go and have my meals, fetch Elaine around, etc. That is what normal people sees that a vehicle could and should do. But there is so much more than that. With a car, I do not need to depend on other people when it comes to transportation. Basically, I will not have to beg. You see, yours truly is a sucker at asking people for help.

According to E-quan's so called principles, one should not ask for help when one can manage it, although it can save one's time and energy. But of course you should not follow this principle because it is totally wrong! The world does not function like that. We live in a world where interaction amongst humans is inevitable. There are just things in life when you HAVE TO ask people for help. Like for instance, at a certain period in your life, you are so hardcore poor that you had to beg just to live out of that period. For dignity, you would prefer just to die is it? You see, E-quan actually knows what is wrong in the way he is carrying himself but he is just a talker. Sorry sorry, I'm trying very hard to change now. Serious. For a start, E-quan will be very honoured to fetch those without transportation around. Just that remember to pay him okay? He runs by the meter.

Sorry, I have digressed.

In short, I am really grateful to have such wonderful parents. To my parents(if one day you get to read this), it was a pleasure being your eldest child and I am truly sorry if I have ever hurt your feelings. But truthfully, must praise myself a bit. I have always been an appreciative and a obedient son right Mom and Dad? Deep down inside, I think you know that..


P/S : For those who have both your parents, have you ever thought of what will happen if one of them was to pass away the next day? This thing has always haunted me. For me, I might cry forever. I would be so sad that I might feel that there is no meaning living in this world anymore. For my birthday wish every year, it has always been : "May the ones who love me be healthy always." I really wish my parents could live a full human life span(Statistic : Malaysian - 74 years). If they die because they old until have to die then I am okay with it. Long live parents in this world!


It was a great post. You do have a good flair in expressing yourself. It's a good read. It's exhilarating to see someone from UTM with such good command in language. :) La Sallian rules! :)

teckfah said...
7:28 PM  

hey it's teckfah. i've heard SO MUCH about u. thanks for ur comment. my command of english largely due to my teachers n tuition teacher.

u lasallian too? salle rox!

all the best in career.

E-quan said...
7:58 PM  

Heard so much? I bet it must be the bad stuff. :) Yeah, I am a Paulian. Apparently, my brother and your brother happen to be coursemates in UPM. :)

teckfah said...
7:14 AM  

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