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Something very important

Note to self: Today, I bought something very important in my life. I shall remember 1 Aug 2009~~


what is that?

a ring?

drum set?

firemice said...
1:20 AM  

haha..tell u when c u personally.
Oh, how i wish for a drum set too.

E-quan said...
8:05 PM  

wei didn't tell me also ler...but i heard of something...hehe..waiting for your confirmation!

lowkei said...
2:17 PM  

okla..dowan let u all sam lo lo luen.
actually i bought a new shirt and's damn leng wan.
think oso happy..=P

E-quan said...
10:01 PM  

congratulations ... wait to hear for your good news.

weehau said...
9:19 PM  

wedding ring?? hehe

Anonymous said...
6:04 PM  

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