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Genting I LUV U

Small talk : November is coming real soon kay. ^_^

B4 real topic as usual must show some wuliao stuffs..

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I should really clean up my desktop.

Confirm Cekap's How Stuffs Work - Digital Scale

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Damn fat edi!


I dunno y, probably b'coz it's near..i f**king go genting at least thrice a year can? I f**king love genting..and lim goh tong too! However, genting is a special place to me la. =P

This raya me n family spent 2 nites at genting. Besides the fact that i can't tahan the cold at nite(i normally sleep with fan at speed #1 or off so u can understand y), it can be considered quite fun. Let me show u some interesting pictures :

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Taken from my hotel. It probably looked like this 10 years ago.

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Paiseh me for being sua gu(unknowledgeable), but i first time see can.

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I want to see rm1k chip ler.

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Went play bowling oso. Beaten by my bro by 10 points. Anyway me is n00b. Can pass 100 mark i oredi happy.

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This one u all sure c b4 rite? In First World plaza there wan. Now can climb for rm4 nia.

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Elaine berjaya climbed last year ler. So damn cekap man. Not easy really. this time i onli went to climb ler. I BERJAYA-ed! If u wuliao..can watch the video of me climbing..wakaka.

Highlight - The 40th second - I beat the small kid on my right..keng!

Actually come to think of's quite unbelievable that i managed it. U see..i is so called city boy..tak pernah climb coconut tree pun..somore 1st time. U know what was my main motivation?

When i climb half way the time quite susah liao..i onli had one thing in mind - Down there alot ppl watching, can't sia sui. =)

Photo Day

Small talk : November is coming soon ppl. ^_^

I present to you..

(+click to enlarge)

Part of the thousands of engineers that are going to add to the unemployed graduates statistic next year! (A million thanks to ChiChiet for scanning the photo.)

I digressed. =P

So there was this day when all of us coursemates(i mean half of us..some were absent due to exams, sleep, lazy, etc) gathered to take our CLASS PHOTO! YENG! I brought my camera as well coz i know we're just a bunch of camwhores.

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This might be a cekap photo if the exposure was sufficient. This is called 'zhi pai'(take a photo of urself by urself).

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My gawd..finally final year liao. We are so OLD.

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Leng chais.

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Took using my cam - free.

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Top most photo(A4 size) - rm12.

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Without frame somore.

After dismissal, some of us stayed back to camwhore.

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The girls : "How long can energizer batteries last?"

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Eh, i can swear this photo looks familiar.

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Oh..Prison Break.

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This one is..

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I know liao..The West Wing!

Studies - slacker.
Camwhoring - CHAMPION!

New additions.

I realised i'm spending too much time on my blog. Seriously.

I've just spent the whole morning categorising my 150 blog posts. It's damn tiring can? The new blogger beta enables "Labels" - a feature where i can tag my posts for easy search and categorization(just like how u tag ur youtube videos). use the blogger beta to it's fullest i'd had to upgrade my blog layout. I tried..and my blog "successfully" transformed into a n00b blog..haha. Man..although the new layout system enables easy editing feature..but if i was to upgrade..i'll have to start redesigning my whole blog from scratch..aiks!

So i present to u..the new additions to the family..

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Categories! Now u can browse my older posts with ease. I'm still finding out how to display the number of posts in every category - i'm not using the new beta widget, just plain html. Maybe AiLin can shed a light?

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Feeds! Subscribe to me so u'll know when i've updated.

Tak tau apa tu 'feed' n how to use a feed reader? I use Google Reader and if u want to also let's watch this video below n see a farnie google engineer explain wat it is.

This is the preview of the upcoming post about my faculty's photo day.

Will the sharp-tougued lawyer Jennifer Massey triumph?
Or will the disciplined ex-military man Kelly Perdew be hired?


All in the next episode of..the Apprentice.

So what happens when ur lecturer gives u an assignment early in the semester and expects u to hand it in by the end of the semester?


So on this fine Friday that is the 14th of October 2006(assignment due Monday), at 9pm, the group members gather to begin working from scratch.

Engineering Economics Assignment Group
e-quan (<-- group leader)
ah chan (<-- #2)
ah sia
ah bee
ah loke
ah pong

e-quan : Last time u know..early of sem..we got one meeting divide jobs go n search individual information wan. So how liao..any progress?
ah chan : Hard not many info nia.
ah sia : ...
ah bee : Got la..found 2 pages like that lor.
ah loke : Eh, wat was i assigned to liao ar?
ah pong : HUH? Since when got meeting b4?

e-quan : Chao turtle! Is cannot like this la! Then last time say will co-operate all..bull shit ar?
group : Oklor..then wat info have u gathered so far?
e-quan : la got la. Go toilet a while ha.

Time frame
9pm(fri) : Start.
2:30am(sat) : Go ask for uncle vernon's help.
9am : McD breakfast. Still haven't finish.
10am : Continue somore. Got "determination".
3pm : Still can't finish. "San ben". Go crash first. (<--oredi up for 18 freaking hrs!)
10:30pm : Gather to finish up n print.
1:30am(sun) : End.

Fuh. Got style. Oredi enjoyed for whole sem use one weekend to work actually quite "worth it" la. Anyway, we couldn't have done it w/o uncle's help. Our group is for eternally grateful. Owe u one oh!

p/s : I should be going to bed now. I have one day(Sunday) to study for my Com System test(Monday afternoon). AND i have the above-mentioned assignment presentation that morning! Wei group members, i wan KFC.

I heart Electone

I've started learning the Electone since Standard 1 and stopped officially during Form 5. I'm really glad that i learned this instrument as it is truly versatile and enables me to play all kinds of music. However, i really wished i could reach this level..

Tomioka Yasuya in action.

I've seen Yasuya-san performs numerous times here in Malaysia. What happens is : Electone is owned by Yamaha Japan. And Yamaha is a huge business in Japan until they can afford to have Electone Artists promoting the Electone all over the world. And he is one of them.

One day got Electone concert we all go watch k?

WAH..and then fuck..wan see Jay Chou lan yao ying anot? Hehe..enjoy..

Jolin, dowan. HouPeiChen, dowan. Hebe..let's c last how long..wakaka! Paria Jay..kau sai all the luis.

p/s : I especially like the part where he grab the orange and whack the guy. Hou lan yeng ar.


It's so boring w/o her around =(. I even have time to record songs..wahliu!

Nah..i present to u 你最珍贵(You're My Most Precious - not LOTR ok) by 张学友(Jacky Cheung) & 高慧君. This song is dedicated to all the lovers in this world. May u all Yao Qing Yan Zhong Xing Guen Suk. Then the ones haven't got the other half wan may u meet ur frogprince or fairprincess soon.

Get music codes at Bolt.

Okok..HooiEan. I is can understand ur complain. I sang like shit rite? Anyway..u n SenTian sing this song confirm the best. I listen oso lam sei. Next time ktv again oh.

Anyway..if u all wuliao like me. Can listen to the song below oso. Dunno y upload wrong then the 你最珍贵(You're My Most Precious) became Chipmunk's version. Very cute. Enjoy la.

Get music codes at Bolt.

p/s : Anyway..i feel the chipmunk's version is better. =(

Zhong Qiu 2006

Happy Mooncake Festival Everyone! I used to call it Mid-Autumn Festival but now feel if use that term like lan yao stop liao..haha. Call Happy Zhong Qiu oso better.

Had a pleasant surprise today. My course junior MeiYin n Elaine's LyeYong came to give us small presents leh..very nice of them. They both roommates n very cute wan. =)

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Mooncakes desu ne.

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Elaine got Chocolate Cream Cheese. Very creative! Taste liao tell u all nice anot.

Then hor..last Sat got Zhong Qiu celebration in our uni ler. Organized by students wan..very cekap! Bring back alot of memories ler..when i was so called Programme Co-ordinator 2 years ago. UTM Zhong Qiu got alot "yuan"(fate) with me n my coursemates. CheeHoa n YeeChong were both Chaipersons b4 for that nite..keng hor? This time it's also very special as it'll be the last time we attend this function coz graduating next year.

Oh yeah..remember i told u my cam SUX at nite? It happened again(like usual). So i'm just gonna show u some photos that are minimally-compromised.

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See..we have a stage up front. Chairs for spectators. And stalls at both sides(not in pic). similarity with the Bon Odori.

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Tae Kwon Do/Hip-hop performers performing in front of the stage. Y i say hip-hop is b'coz the TKD ppl actually danced to their fighting steps..keng chau!

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Flying Dance Studio's dancers performing a traditional dance. to the camwhores. Coz it's quite boring to just show u photos of ppl u've seen a thousand i'll try to find and tell something interesting about them.

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SzeLek(second from top-left) showing a terbalik 'V' sign n think it's damn yeng..hehe.

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Kenny(first from top-right) wearing a cap at nite n think it's damn yeng..hehe.

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Erm..Catherine(second from right)'s legs?!?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting the entrance's arc. I think nowdays heng terbalik 'V' ler : CheeHoa(3rd from middle-left).


Haha..i know i shouldn't be posting this but it's too farnie not to be mentioned. Recommended by KuanLi. Enjoy..

Bon bon oh!

After reading deriku's post, i decided to take the test too! Damn paria..i can onli be in the "Ok maybe promoting an extra one or two low level managers wouldn't hurt the organization." category.

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I must really admit i'm not intelligent at all AND i SUCK at iq tests. I bet elaine can easily 130..serious. U can too rite? Leave a name here if u berjaya.

Last last week hor..we went to this Bon Odori in JB ler. This is like an event organized to promote Japan culture here in Malaysia. Thanks to YY-ge we onli berjaya found that place la(spent 1 hr+ looking for that place i think..damn n00b). Who said the venue was at Giant Tebrau must kena whack. Where got Giant Tebrau?!?

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Got one big stage in the middle for performance.

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Then got the stalls promoting Japanese food, play-stuffs, etc.

Let's enjoy the traditional dance..

Look carefully oh.

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HAHA..saw spiderman anot?!? Walau.

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A kid "tumbuk" rice to make traditional rice cakes.

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This is Cath's favourite hobby - catch gold fish. Too bad the photo dark until like yat pek si..wat oso cannot see.

Then like this wan. The event attracted alot of Japanese living around JB here la. They will go there gai-gai with the whole family SOMORE wear their traditional costumes..very cekap wan. Then hor..the small children(esp small girls) wear the yukata TOTEMO KAWAII NE! Me n Elaine wanted to take photos with them la..but we 2 persons nia..very shy la. Saw alot cute ppl oso dun dare ask them take photos with us. Until finally..hehe..

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Me : Sumimasen, sashin o tottemo i desuka? - Paiseh, can i take a photo?
Dad : Hai hai. - Sure(and proceeds to gather his family).

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CHEEBYE! I can't believe i learned 3 years+ of Japanese Language just for this moment..wakaka!
The kid the Mom carrying wan want to sleep liao.
Kid : CHAO TURTLE..lao die wan go back sleep liao u somore wan take photo..bin tai wan!

So settle liao..i dowan learn anymore. I know 2 sentences i can conquer Japan liao. U can too(works for guys n girls)! Learn..
#1 : Sumimasen, anata no keitai bangou wan nan ban desuka? - Paiseh, ur handphone hor, wat number ha?
#2 : Sumimasen, sashin o tottemo i desuka? - Paiseh, can i take a photo?


After that we went AEON Tebrau watch movie ler - Little Man.

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This movie coming out in december. Must watch k. Got Jay.

Remember i once blogged about the arcade machine that i like the most? Got videos to explain its cekap-ness.

This one is the new type wan. Elaine playing the burger game.

This one is the last time i used to play. Me playing the di-da-bi(autopencil) game. Damn cekap rite? Who created these games is a WULIAO GENIUS! I puifuk him/her..champion.

Next time go arcade must play this game.