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Leng Lui

I always have different opinion with Elaine when coming to determining whether a girl is pretty(lenglui). Obviously, we have different tastes but I think mine is better. Elaine will disagree but let you readers decide. For me, lengluis are like..

1. Joey Wong (王祖贤)

Born: 1967
Quan's remarks: Classical lenglui that was a lenglui back in late 80s, still considered lenglui by today's standards, and foresee will be the same in the near future.

2. Vivian Hsu (徐若瑄)
Born: 1975
Quan's remarks: No guy in this world will deny that she is a lenglui. You will hope that she was the girl next door. Totally leng and very talented in music too. Lyricist.

3. Fala Chen (陳法拉)

Born: 1982
Quan's remarks: Oh my god..those killer dimples!

4. Belinda Chee

Born: 1982
Quan's remarks: Local lenglui! Hooked on to her when she hosted shows on 8tv. Already married and expecting first child.

5. Ong Ching Yee (王菁忆)
Born: 1982
Quan's remarks: Local lenglui again! She hosts the best mandarin news ever! Totally sweet looking and perform so well when anchoring the news. Wished she'd read the news to me everyday. And, she's from the same university as mine but I never knew her. FML! Already married.


Till we meet again,