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Me life in uni..

Normally i onli show u all how i enjoy my life here in Skudai rite? For example go gaigai, go eat, have parties, have polls, etc. So this time i'm gonna show u all how's my study life(i'm an undergraduate) here. I dare's quite "enjoyable" too.

During yesterday's 2-hour Industrial Control Art Class :

(+click on photo to enlarge)

Frog, peacock.

By various contributors.


Today i went to do my new matrix card(student id) after so-damn-the-long. B4 that when the new card was was like.."awe..i wanna have that". Now it's like if u're still having the old 1..u should be proud..u're among the going-to-extinct liao. Have to change coz school demands so.

The real one looks much nicer(i was allowed to take the photo twice..coz nobody there ma).

Today i got back my Numerial Method Test 1 paper too. I couldn't get full marks b'coz it was damn hard okay. Look :

[g'(x) < 1] is not same with [g'(x0) < 1]. How could i've missed that?!?

The correct answer is : (1.22, -1.31, 1.42). Wat to do..0.01 is a BIG difference okay.

So my life in uni basically like this lor. Got other uni stuffs i'll post up next time la. Ardios.


This post makes me feel SO nostalgic.

Derek said...
2:50 AM  

Ahaha, the bunny is on my table now =x

Now the peacock looks nice also. I should also take it that day n_n

huiping said...
10:19 PM  

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