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Ms 'Yeng' SEL(Preliminary)

To all my dear readers..old n new..i wish u all a happy Chinese Valentine's! It's also the final day of CNY..sob sob. As u all can c..all the CNY feel of this blog is gone..the flowers n pink background..gone..all gone. It's back to the plain old me..haha.

Okok..i know u all have been waiting for this poll for a long time. Without much ado..i shall go on with it(i'm taking some materials from my Mr 'Fei' SEL post).
ATT : I need u all to read the whole of this post(yes..i do mean all the words below) so that u won't be confused on how to vote n who to vote for n how this whole damn thing works.

As u all might know..we really have alot of 'yeng' girls in our course : 4th year Electrical & Electronics Engineering, UTM(For those who dunno..SEL is the course code for E&E Engineering in UTM). So hor..we really NEED to find out who's the champion of them all n crown her Ms 'Yeng' SEL. After much deliberation(long and careful consideration)..we have decided that the winner shall be judged on her 'yeng'-ness. So u might ask..what is 'yeng'? I will give some guidance :

1. Yeng is 有型 in chinese.
2. Yeng doesn't necessarily mean pretty or beautiful.
3. Yes..Yeng does rely on how she dresses, her hair, the way she walks, etc.
4. Yeng oso means character n personality. Like Paul Moss stresses..the X factor.(<--wow..this sentence is so powder-full)
5. Yeng oso depends on the way she communicates(via all mediums : speech, gesture, msn..u name it).
6. Last but not least..i shall give u examples of yeng-ness :

Best of East n West..any arguments?

The winner oso entitles herself to a brand new BMW 530i(rm478,000)!!! One more thing..for the winner..we shall call her Ms SEL instead..coz SHE IS!
ATT : I will oso do an interview with the winner n put up a big-ass(means big la) photo of her on this blog(if she allows). Isn't this blog confirm cekap?

Rules & Regulations :
1. As u all can c below..this is a contest of poll voting.
2. Contestants r seperated into 6 groups(Group A - F) according to their residence. The ones who r the single girl in their house have been grouped into Group F. Why u ask? No reason..b'coz this is my blog n i can do watever i like. =)
3. a voter..can onli vote once for each group per day.
4. ATTENTION : For groups A, C, & F..u have to scroll down to see the complete contestants list. Plz dun ter-ignored them.
5. The theory is : The winner from each group will then compete in the grand final where the last 6 contestants will battle for their lives.
6. The 1st-runner up shall be reappointed as Ms 'Yeng' SEL should the winner fails to perform his required duties.
7. This preliminary round will close on Wednesday(15/02/06) at nite. The final poll will be up shortly after that.
8. Plz do not try to hack..the security of this poll equals those of the CIA's. Remember : We will trace u!
9. Amendments can be made to this poll without prior notice(nola..i dun mean i'll change the vote figures la..come on..think like an adult). This is for just-in-case onli.
10. B'coz this is so darn interesting..i will suggest that u bookmark this blog by pressing Ctrl+D now!

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Pics?? Where are the pics????
Hmm...recent observation has shown that more n more lalamui-lookalikes have been showing up in the course.
Pity cos I'm more into the girl-next-door look.

Derek said...
1:12 AM pics for u..too bad. besides..i dun think i have one big-ass photo of all the girls in 4th year.
btw..wat's lalamui? derek..u sound teruk oh..hopefully lalamui doesn't mean anything unpleasant..wakaka.

E-quan said...
3:29 AM  

hmm.. i cant remember wat does lalamui means. hmm.. *cracks head. i'm sure it's not something good. hahaha

Chia said...
8:01 AM  

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