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Arlo there..enjoying ur frog porridge hor? Continue continue..dun care bout me.

Today(28th of Feb) happen to be WeeVern n my pa Ms Wong's bd. We had a huge gathering at a mamak named Safiah Tmn U to celebrate with them. It's huge i tell u..say 30+ ppl?!? A very happy birthday to them. May all their wishes come true.

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WeeVern, me, SueiHuey.

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Boss n personal assistant.

I was talking to SueiHuey : Wat better nite to do this than tonite rite? It's ur bd somore. She agreed..haha.

So as promised..

Bigass photo!
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Ms Evangeline Wong Suei Huey
(The Evangeline is i add one..nice rite? I've oredi given out the name Irene is second person kena..very creative hor? As u can c..i know how to photoshop wan better dun tak jui me..if not [use your imagination here]..hehe).

The interview!

How do you feel after being crowned the inaugural Miss 'Yeng' SEL?
SH : Haha, Chua Yi Quan, u make me feel funny la..But just for the fun of's okla. Erm, nothing much of a feeling..coz everyone is equally 'yeng' to their own way.

What is the difference between a flip-flop and a latch? Haha, just joking. Would you like to answer though?
SH : I learn from the best, from Mr Arif - "Why are u insulting me with this stupid question?"..haha. To be frank, I never save the past syllabus in my memory..will korek them out when in need. :Þ

Now that you have won the title and all, are there any changes in your life? Do you have to dress up nicely and put on make-up even though you are just going to the convenient store?
SH : Of course no. I am still the same huey. 

Describe yourself in 5 words.
SH : Optimistic, positive, enigmatic, heterogeneous, easy-going.

Any hobbies or special interests?
SH : Reading, surfing the net, scripting down my thoughts.

5 things(not just objects) that you like.
SH : Music, art and crafts, philosophy, clothes and accessories, mushrooms.

5 things(not just objects) that you dislike.
SH : Cats, dust, exams (that's all I can think of, sorry :Þ).

Your friends refer you as beauty with brains. Would you like to comment?
SH : Well, I believe in 90% perspiration and 10% luck. I am not the genius type of smart. I have to study hard. Anyhow, I am grateful for everything I have.

Your friends also complimented on your nice hair. Any advice for the girls out there?
SH : Haha, actually my hair in thinning which is not good. I can't think of any advice..coz I don't really live a healthy lifestyle. Erm, perhaps good hair care products?

Ahem, do you have a boyfriend?
SH : No.

What kind of guys do you like?
SH : Mature, pleasant looking, caring.

Just say I am a normal desperate guy and am interested in you. Can I date you?
[This question is asked from a third-person perspective. E-quan has nothing to do with this.]
SH : Well, depends on the person, my first impression, right timing and place. Haha..right timing is important.

We are close to the end now. Any opinion on E-quan's confirmcekap blog?
SH : It's cool..maybe next time we can make it as the 'Memory of SEL'..and maybe if u could lessen the 'fei'-ness in it, it'll be perfect!! ^_~ But I am sure there are some readers who like it's ok..acceptable. Why don't you comment on my blog as well? :Þ

Before we wrap up everything, are there anybody you would like to thank?
SH : Special thanks to my boss, Mr Chua Yi Quan for his hard work making up the poll and to my friends who voted me (omg, you make me sound like an oscar winner delivering her speech).

E-quan : She's damn nice n sporting rite? Plz go to her blog >>here<< to give her comments n encouragement. I must say..this post is a superb finale. Cheers to the Queen!


Memang cekap. Must salute u for the pic of suei huey in ELLE magazine. GENG n 'FEI',hehe.

Then ho,discovered that d bday girl n bday boy r both in RED. what a coincidence..:P

Anyway, Happy Birthday to both of my ex lab partner,vern n huey.

Lee Jun said...
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evangeline? haha how did u name her after that LOST actress?
i wonder when she's gonna start shooting for the cover of FHM...haha.

Derek said...
5:41 PM  

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