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'Fei'-ism is everywhere's time that i annouce the results.

Pic A
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75% voters rooted for CheeHoa. CORRECT! You all see from his A-cup "breasts" izzit?

Pic B
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45% voters rooted for YenPin..also CORRECT! Kelvin got 30% votes also..u all sengaja one rite? Hehe.

So hor..tonite we went supper at Jalalludin's. This guy(most prob the Boss there) came to take our orders. I can swear to u..his 'fei'-ness is can challenge our Mr 'Fei' SEL 2006 that POWER. Let me show u why :

Case 1
Me : Garlic nan satu.
Boss : Ayam tandoori mau?
Me : Tak mau..nan saje.
Boss : Nan saje ar..pinggan mau?
(WAH PIANG-eh..can fei until this level?)
Me : (Muahahahaha). Mau mau..pinggan mau. Kasi taruk itu dahl sambal semua.

Case 2
YenPin : Ada kaya cheese nan ar?=ding photographer Studio Coburg


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