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This is not farnie lor.

Small talk : Just came back from Redbox and Buffet Steamboat. I have around 80 photos amounting to 133mb. Damn dasyat can? This happens when u have coursemates that are camwhores..wakaka! Next post will be fulled with photos k? I kasi bikin sui sui. One more thing..later today will be going 8TV's Summer Concert in Danga Bay..chunted! See u there.

U all remember this post anot?

It is happening again. =(

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Dunno how these ppl got my address serious.

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U see..oso from Kedah. Eh, ChunJern..u do wan issit? Hehe.

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This time got booklet somore. Dunno wat ajaran sesat.

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Main-main in the end still 4D.

AiLin, u got the same letter rite?


Hey hor..after Redbox i went jalan-jalan in AEON Tebrau. Elaine n her sis went shopping dump me alone =(. Speaking of Elaine's sister, i got one joke wan tell u all..courtesy of my housemate CheeSon.

in MSN..
e-quan : Her sister's name is Edith.
cheeson : Wah..dasyat punya name la.
cheeson : U know wat? I think my name is Formath.

(So at this precise moment i was trying to tafsir wat he meant. 5 seconds later..)
e-quan : CHAO TURTLE!
(My smart readers, u all un rite?)

So coming back to my jalan-jalan..

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FINALLY FOUND IT IN SPEEDY! Been looking for this for ages. Eh..i buy ORI see.

I tell u..this is the MOST FEI movie EVER! Somore they oredi practising these kinda fei-ness back in 1992(the movie was made in that year). Damn respect. U all sure watch b4 rite? On national had been shown numerous times.

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I sengaja bought this DVD for one scene in the movie. I duno u all can remember anot. Where Ah-B and LauKarLing duet-ed, "Shi li li, hua la la, hu lu lu, sha la la". I can laugh until guling on the floor.

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Bought this book in POPULAR becoz it was cheap different. Oklar oklar..oso becoz it was written by an Elaine.

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SAW? This is much diff from the normal books i read(Harry Potter, Dan Brown, etc).

OKOK..this is the POWER PART of this post..really POWER. As u know i went Redbox with Elaine, Edith, and 7 other coursemates. Coz the next post will be so long b'coz of the i decided to put it here. PUT WHAT?!? A preview of wat songs we normally sing at KTV. Enjoy..

Who can name me the artist in the MV?


haha.. let's see if i will get the letter this time or not. =P

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