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Because i'm a girl

Small talk : My internet connection is so f**king slow that it really potongs my steam to blog.

I'm sure u all have watched this mtv by korean group KISS. This is like CLASSIC ok? It'll break your heart no matter u're a guy or girl. That is unless u dun have a heart.

It's like 8minutes long so happy streaming. Ready some tissues.

Okok..the tears drop until like siao lang rite? Like this still cannot. Must make u sad-er. Let's watch the chinese version(没有你的每一天) pula by Jill Xu.

Haha..what does the above 2 vids prove? ANSWER : GUYS ARE BASTARDS!

Okla..dun say e-quan very bad ok? Just to cheer u up..let's watch something farnie.

The end.


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