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Oh goodie.. i broke my promise. I mean..not actually. The survey still sedang berjalan dengan sengit rite? Steamboat vs Summer Concert..duno who will win ler. So we wait for a bigger majority 1st ok? In the mean time i'll entertain u guys with something else.

Remember this book?

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I've just started reading it. I was reading till page 13 when..

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Oh goodie..i've made a right choice(E-quan smirking). Let's read on..


LOL man. Ur blog is just so nice to read. Keep going man, crossing my finger to read your next entry. UTM boleh!!!

Seng Seng said...
8:08 PM  

hi seng seng..mind telling me who u r?

really thanks for ur compliments. coz that's wat's driving my writing. hope my next post won't disappoint u.

oh yeah..UTM boleh!!!

E-quan said...
9:40 PM  

to further justify your right choice, try paying a visit to your nearest vcd peddler.
utm memang boleh! :D

Derek said...
11:45 PM  

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