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The title means "The love of my life"..or something like that. It is one of Alam Tam's hit songs. I really like it very much. Too bad nobody interested teman me go ktv sing it ler. Go 2 persons pula like very bodoh.

BUT that's not the point. U this post hor..your's truly will try to translate this song into english. OK..u can stop laughing. Although my knowledge of Cantonese n chinese characters is quite limited..i still feel i can un a few verse of this magnificent song.

Thus, enjoy my amateur translation..and the pinyin somore can? Damn semangat. Champion.

歌手(Singer):谭咏麟 曲(Melody):伍思凯 词(Lyrics):向雪怀

(yu guo qi qi dik dang, mau yat zhong yu ho dang dou, yat sang zhong zui ngoi)
If I wait patiently, one day I'll meet the love of my life.

(sui gai yi nei ngo ze duen qing, mui mui pung xiong liu yi ngoi bat qing cho, mei loi)
Who cares if our love meet many obstacles and the future seems uncertain?

何曾愿意 我心中所爱
(ho chang, yuen yi; ngo sam zhong so ngoi)
-Lyrics not important(LNI).

(mui tin yiu gu dan, hon hoi)

(ling yuen yat sang dou bat suet wa, dou bat xiong gong ga suet wa, hei pin nei)
I rather stay speechless forever than to tell a you a lie.

(lau yi dou nei ngo ze duen qing, nei wui fat gok gan, gak jiok yat dim dim, kui lei)
You might find our love is seperated by some distance.

无言地爱 我偏不敢说
(mou yin, dei ngoi; ngo pin bat ngam suet)
I don't dare to even say..

(suet yat gui, xiong gan nei yat hei)
one simple sentence ~ that I want to be with you.

-Must 'OH' until very got the inner sorrow feeling.

如真 如假 如可分身饰演自己
(yu zan, yu ga; yu ho fan san sik yin zi gei)

(wui jiong sam zhong dik wan yau, hin chut kap nei, wai yao dik zi gei)

如痴 如醉 还盼你懂珍惜自己
(yu qi, yu zui; wan pan nei dung zan sik zi gei)
-Shit, I'm getting lazy.

(yao tin jik si fan lei, ngo dou xiong nei)
-Aiyor, i'm such a not determined person.

我 真的想你
(ngo, zan dik, xiong nei)
I really miss you. -Fuh, finally last line liao.


If u read from the top to this current line, i really respect u. U're like my loyal and obedient reader. I wish i could appear infront of u n hug u now..serious!

U know wat? It's 6 in the morning..and i'm awake doing this. Doing wat? I'm actually recording the above mentioned song. Maybe the feeling of ktv deprivation has made me do this. I dunno. YOR..damn wan go ktv can?

If u're REALLY interested..u can listen to the song by clicking on the link below. Just make sure u're like R.E.A.L.L.Y interested coz the quality is not that good..n it was my 3rd take onli. Normally i'll record till i'm satisfied(that'll be like almost 100 takes..serious)..but's oredi 6:30am liao and i SHOULD go to bed now.

>>link<<(Player opens in new window)

p/s : DIE..later wake up sure kana marah liao. =P


thank you for the lyric translation ... it's a miracle to find such things ... strangly u helped me in my quest and now i need the courage to sing for infront of my girl.... it's her favourite song. I sux in chinese coz study english add. good luck and thank you again..........

Kevin Wee said...
7:10 PM  

Didn't know that anyone would actually appreciate this. (gamdung)

You MUST sing to your girl!!! She'll be so lam and happy.

Study english ed must not be an obstacle. ALL THE BEST!

E-quan said...
4:03 AM  

Your Best Choice! wow power leveling and wow gold wow gold

gfh said...
5:37 PM  

Hey man thanks alot for posting the pinyin for this 弯的4 song. I love learning to sing canto songs and for a mandarin speaker theres pretty much no other way lol. BIG UPS

eggfooyung2go said...
7:33 AM  

Hey man thx a lot for posting the pinyin for this 弯的4 song. I love trying to learn to sing new canto songs n for mandarin speakers theres pretty much no other way. This songs def one of the best. BIG UPS

eggfooyung2go said...
7:34 AM  

Most welcome!
Glad you enjoyed it~~

E-quan said...
9:35 AM  

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