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I love futsal!

Small talk : Question of the day : How long does it take for a bus to reach JB from KL. Times up. Answer : 10 HOURS! My housemate hor..the one make joke of ppl's name wan..became "suei of the century ler". 1st hor..boarded bus at 8:30pm..then hor..bus broke down. 2nd bus came..jalan half way..tayar puncit. Need 3rd bus onli can reach JB at 6:30am!!! Ok..i shall keep my mouth clean just to elak from being "suei of the millennium"..haha.

"Uuhhh...syiok!" That is wat i can say after playing futsal for the first time in my life. Near to the place where i am residing now, there's this newly built futsal court(court or field?)..2 courts that is. It is located behind a surau(wow..that's strange)..i oso dunno y. But the 2 is kindaly like managed by the same ppl(i think). U will know what happens when a surau manages a futsal court..hehe. So on this nice evening that's 9pm, 12 ma lat lous..

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Haha..just in case u wanted to book. Noneed personally go there ok. rm60 an hr by the way. Supposed to be cheap(as i was told), normal price rm80 above wor. Me dunno, me n00b.

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#2 : For women playing futsal, curtains around the court must be closed.
#5 : When playing and watching(wtf?), mixture of men and women is not allowed.

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The court.

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Aftermath 1.

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Aftermath 2. Walau..can sweat like siao lang.

Me scored 1 goal. Looking forward to the next match. CheeHoa, plz dun hurt HockPoh again..hehe.

p/s : Have i told u guys b4? I'm not really good in sports(nor DotA). But i found out that i'm more "talented" in sports that involve direct contact with the ball. For eg volleyball, basketball, and my new found "talent"--futsal. Must take up handball soon..haha.


haha, u guys played futsal make me thinking bout my practical life in Intel last time. I was forced to join futsal competition as my department dun have enuf gal to form a team. Got 5 teams totally, and my team got the 2nd place from bottom, haha, not bad le.Its really an unforgetful experience in my life coz eriday after work need straight go to practise, what a tiring life :'( Sumore i berak, cirit-birit during the competition week~~~~~

annie said...
10:44 PM MUST join wan ar? intel so semangat!

cirit birit somore. then u stand oso giok yun yun(legs shaking) la. most important is got score anot? top scorer for ur team? time u ajak ur house plus elaine house..then can go play here edi. we play together oso la(together = same time but diff court)..haha.

E-quan said...
1:21 AM  

you guys are sweating like pigs. should exercise more ahahaha.

Derek said...
10:26 PM  

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