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Coke & Mentos Experiment

I FINALLY DID IT! As mentioned before, the much awaited experiment had been carried out..though not fully successful =(.

So what can u do with 3 bottles of coke n 3 sticks of mentos(n 2 pair of legs)?

Basically, this thingy can be divided into 2 thingies(hehe).
#1 "The Fountain" Trick - Put mentos in coke n coke discharges from the bottle n flows like a fountain.
#2 "The Rocket" Trick - Put mentos in coke n recap. Shake. Uncap a little. Throws to floor n bottle launches into the air like a rocket.

" geng meh? 'Caya lah!"

Plz enjoy the following videos(View one by one..if not suck ur whole internet connection). Remember, you have first watch it at

The Fountain

Highlight(Minute 1:44) - Narrator : "Kan Chiong desu ne!"

The Rocket (Trial 1)

Highlight(Minute 1:19) - E-quan throws down bottle like a girl.

The Rocket (Trial 2)

Highlight(Minute 0:20) - E-quan : Shake shake shake, Audience : Faster faster faster!
*Don't think elsewhere ok?

WAT?!? U think very easy meh? U do the rocket, take the video n post on the internet la. Then i onli puji u. Btw, SzeLek n i will attempt it again when we berjaya find 2-litre Diet Coke..ngek ngek.


Interesting expr :D Just wondering why mentos react that way with coke?

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