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ONE down TWO to go

Remember my desserts post? Out of the 3 desserts that i crave for..1 has been eaten..hehe. Somore ownself cook..gaya.

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Tang Yuan! With black sesame paste filling ok.

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Coz hor..we dun have the necessary ingredients to make the true soup for the glutinous balls. So we just boiled it with sugar. Ok..i admit..abit the not pro.

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WOW..sedap. Tak sangka this kinda packaged tang yuan oso got quality wan. Thumbs up!

As we were cooking hor..we noticed this cup..

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I stay with 3 other housemates namely CheeSon, WeiAng, and WeeVern. It's definitely not my cup. So u all guess it's who's cup leh?



you call that cooking? hahahah

KY said...
4:03 PM  

aiyar..kena kutuk by food critic liao.

should have put "cooking"..haha.

next time teach me ur herbal soup thingy ok?


E-quan said...
12:54 AM  

waseh... where can i buy that kind of cup!?!? haha...

siao laoshu said...
9:41 PM  

hehe..i shall ask my housemate for u.

E-quan said...
1:46 AM  

use soya milk as the soup, try it, is nice~! add some water if u scare it being too sweet...

ahpompom said...
4:30 AM  

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