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Me life in uni..(2)

Small talk : For the last post hor, is dun have answer wan..wakaka!

Today i got back my Numerical Method Test 2 paper. For Test 1 >>here<<. B'coz of the bad omen last time..i got a sense that this time it'll be bad too. Well..IT DID! DAMN IT!

Referring to above : Distance is a function of Time(or issit opposite..oh i dun care).

So i mar write f'(t) = something something lor. As in the function, f' is dependant on time, t la. Mana tau like that is cannot. Cos(referring to 1st photo)..the distance is labelled as s ma. So hor, to be mathematically should be s'(t)..TAMADE! Like that kena potong 1 mark lor.

Then is hor, the lecturer explains y he must so meticulous n potong our marks like that. He is say hor, "If i dun use this kinda trick..then u all ALL get full marks that is cannot." !#$%^&* that oso can? Where is the compren department?


On another case, I IS 66% LOOK IS JET LI leh..according to MyHeritage.

(+click on photo to enlarge)

Me = Jet Li. Potong stim wei.

At least MrBrown looked like TonyLeung ok? I is wan look like EdisonChan or LeonLai, if not TakeshiKaneshiro leh.


I just tried on MY HERITAGE...
I cannot believe that they actually match me with Missy eliott

ChiawYin said...
10:37 AM  

according to myheritage,i 71% look like song hye kyo n tata young, 66% anjelica huston n joan collins (old lady la)...sweat...
tis web is cacat...

cath said...
4:06 PM  

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