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Dye & Curl is IN

Hey..back in Skudai liao. Today sat a stupid bus..move slower than the time i need to finish my meal, hotter than CheeSon's sauna room, noisier than WeeVern+WeiAng+ChunJern laugh together..cukup frust.

Anyway..i haven't get a place for Industrial Training leh..any taiko taisou out there got lobang anot? PLZ HELP ME!

On another case..let's look at the photos below :

Image hosting by Photobucket
Who is this pretty girl ler?

Is it :

Image hosting by Photobucket
(A) Jolin Tsai (Taiwan)

Image hosting by Photobucket
(B) Ayumi Hamasaki (Japan)

Image hosting by Photobucket
(C) Song Hye-Gyo (Korea)

Or is it

(D) None of the above

You guess.


the answer is D..the girl is Elaine!!!lol

cAth said...
11:29 PM  

the picture of the pretty gul right ... that one is the front or the back ? if that`s the front... it`ll be pretty exciting huh ?

kamtat said...
1:21 AM  

hahaa...kamtat..after u got gf rite..i can swear..u getting more humourous than EVER. wat farnie things LOVE can do to a person rites?

E-quan said...
2:31 AM  

aiyar..forgot reply cath.
cath, how u know wor? maybe the picture is showing a person's front kamtat said. then maybe is "zhen zhi" with modern curl hair..muaHAHAAHHA.

E-quan said...
2:34 AM  

most probably C lah...which leads to me asking how the hell did u get a korean superstar to pose for u?

Derek said...
5:36 PM  

D! 100% ur GF =.=|||
...And KamTat got GF ady?? o_O Mind to announce?

Anonymous said...
1:54 AM  

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