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Spreading the blogging bug

Small talk : Have u guys tried these?

No?!? too! I have them in front of me though. When i've savour them i'll tell u wat they taste like. =)

U know..ppl tend to get secretive n mysterious some time of their lives. Like for example, my coursemate/fren MeiYi. She has been asking blogging techniques from me for like months. So after teaching her some basics i've asked her numerously, "When r u publishing ur first blog ha?"..she'll go like, "Nola, actually i'm not blogging la..just trying out something."

Yeah rite.

So yesterday i was checking my StatCounter n i saw a "Came from" link that was Now now..finally she's done it huh? So i mar click to her blog lor.


Her first post dates back to February 04, 2006 leh! So she has been secretly blogging for some time now. I wouldn't have known that her blog existed if not for my StatCounter. It appears that she's just added the links section to her blog yesterday..that's y.

Referring to her post >>here<<. I am the sifu/mentor of 2 new bloggers leh! I IS PROUD. So who wan start blogging? I can be ur sifu oso( face's skin is very thick one).

One more thing..stop copying my "Blog i read" links leh.


eh suddenly everyone's reading what u're reading.

haha looks like u people really getting into this FA hype.

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