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School meme

So i was tagged. Erm..about school i see. Let's go!

How many schools did I go to?
SRJK (C) Taman Rashna, Klang for primary and SMK La Salle Klang for secondary. That'll be 1+1..wait..i'll go get my scientific calculator. (1) (+) (1) (CALC)..2. Oh great..2 schools! Many dun realise that i'm from a chinese primary school. hua yu very keng..i mean hen li hai okay.

Was I the studious nerd, or the last minute hero?
Last minute hero..always. I've always been average when it comes to studies..placing in class is always around no.9, 10, 11 like that.

Was I the class 'taiko' or the teacher's pet?
In primary i was neither. Secondary perhaps more to the teacher's pet side. Maybe b'coz i was a i was like "obedient" and "helpful".

What was the biggest rule I broke in school?
It has been a transformation for me from primary to secondary. B'coz of my lazy nature..i was probably the teachers' "most remembered" student in term of not doing homework(i was in the class..and being in a chinese school..not doing homework is rather uncommon). BUT chinese schools have 20+ homeworks a day..that's CRAZY! When i went to secondary..PHEW..everyday homework(at all) was great..and i excelled in studies more!

Three subjects I enjoyed.
Let me see..Defence Against the Dark Arts, Charms, and Apparition. Yeah..i oso wan become Auror when i've passed my NEWTs. Oh crap..i dun remember i've ever enjoyed studying. Reading yes. So maybe English and Bahasa?

Three teachers that inspired me.
This one i put "no comments" can? Hehe.


hehe...u sure u can handle the broomstick?

Derek said...
11:14 AM is noneed broomstick. me is main apparition ok. hehe.

E-quan said...
1:29 PM  

oh yeah..i noticed alot of ppl doesn't read harry potter. so this is the info and u all should start reading..really!

wat derek meant by "handle the broomstick" was whether i would be able to fly nicely on it.

in my sentence "me is main apparition ok", the word 'main' means play..not main as in main entrance.

apparition is a twelve-week course taught by a Ministry of Magic instructor for students turning 17 years old in the next year; the cost was 12 Galleons.

when one has mastered apparition(and with a license), he/she can transport him/herself by will and appear at destination(out of thin air type). cool rite?

E-quan said...
6:03 PM  

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