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Home Test Parody

Ever had those days when u need to rush an assignment? I had one recently.

So it was Friday. Well..home test(Industrial Control) was due on Monday..y rush it? Besides..some1 will have it done by the weekend so we could just copy..easy job.

So it was Saturday. Heck..nobody's done it yet..dun worry..tomolo SURE got ppl finish oredi 1. We go eat Permas Jaya Nasi Lemak, then Burger King, then movie at Tebrau..we should live life to the fullest(<--crappest sentence i've ever heard). Live life to the fullest (is not same with) enjoy to the maximum.

So it was Sunday nite. WTF..nobody's done it yet? Cham cham cham. Shit to hasilkan one set of papers for the lecturer tomolo? At that moment..around after dinner..every1 was cracking their heads on the project "Traffic Light System". Normally we would just copy some1 else's..but this time EXCEPTIONAL no one done it onli.

Time 1:30am, Monday. F*** IT LA..exclaimed every1. I can't wait any longer..i'll just do my crap n hand in tomolo. So every1 was juicing their brains to produce the most suitable-and-working model possible(for the first time..haha). Eh..i oso din copy other ppl and produced my own model ok? Hehe.

By 7:15am..

Die-die oso berjaya produce something.

State diagram. Think myself ok.

Ladder diagram. I simulated it..the green, yellow, and red lights were lighting in accordance to the sequence..just that..hehe..when lighted it won't go off..muaHAAHAHAHAAHA. What the heck..have to hand in anyway la.

Morning sun was shining through my window(sunshine fill my window..that's what you shining star-ah-a-ah-a)..oredi 8am. So finally without a nite's sleep it has been completed. Might as well go breakfast then straight go class.

Every1..i mean EVERY1 was having panda eyes. YeeChong was eating bamboo shoots..he must have metamorphosized overnite.
Lecturer : So how..u all done oredi anot? Okla..give u all tomolo afternoon..let u all troubleshoot it and make adjustments.
Us : WAH PIANG-eh!

p/s : In the end, we handed it in anyway..we just couldn't/wouldn't spend any more time on it anymore. =)


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