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Kani Tama Maki

Deriku retaliated! Read about it >>here<<. It's a non-alchoholic mango juice btw. Since it wasn't meant to be a fight from the i'll end it here n continue with my 'fei'-sm posts..wakaka.

Look at this deliciously looking sushi. U know wat is it called?
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KANI TAMA MAKI!!! Doesn't this sound like a combination of a very powder-ful foul word? Haha.


My fren Irene Pong(aka HooiMin) invented this word tepu..which means saturated of coz. But this is another kind of saturation. Becoz she uses this word so often that i think i need to blog about it. Tepu is the time when ur face reaches a saturated level that it can't produce anymore expressions.

Example :
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