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Small talk :
1)Elaine finally got her Big Envelope today. 362/400!!! A 63-point difference. I feel intimidated..very.
2)Just came back from Eskimo(again). Among the worth to be mentioned :
b)Around 10 ppl celebrated their bds there.

c)The main vocalist's name is Yi Wen..damn..girl's name.
e)Coming back time got road block. Speed i think. But i drive like a no prob.

My fren Kelvin finally launched his blog. I feel it's very nice so i'm giving a free promotion for him here( if i charged him he would care). Plz do pay him a visit at According to him, "gemuk" means fat(duh!) and genug is "enough" in German(u know la..just to show off he's taking German language classes). So does gemukgenug means he's fat enough? You'll have to visit him to find out. Personally i feel he should have named his blog! no offence k).

Come u all something :

Oi oi..i need my lawyer. Where's the "compren" department?

Now now..still waiting for MeiYi's blog. Soon i think =P.


wah..promote also wan to perli me meh..hehe anyway thanx lor for ur 'help' in promoting..haha..i ll try to be as 'original' as i can lor..hehe..i ll make my blog as interesting as ever

KelvinHo said...
9:56 AM  

congrats to u guys for passing the jap test.
so next time u'll know what to say when u hear someone calling baka behind ur back...haha.

Derek said...
8:44 PM  

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