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Total visitors hits 1k!

Uncle, auntie, gogo, jiejie, didi, meimei, little cute babies..HAPPY CNY! Can give angpau ones all bagi bagi =). Just this one post b4 i go back Skudai. All CNY photos will be posted after i'm back in Skudai k? Sabar. Meanwhile..u all can go over to kennysia's n download his latest kennysiaTV. (Caution : Onli download if u're gawd-damned bored).

Hey..notice the site counter at ur bottom-right side? It passed the 1,000 mark today! Not including this post..i have all together posted 34 posts liao..which means an average of 30 visitors for each post. So i shall celebrate by making a post about it..just to show u all how it works. Boring..yes..but i like ah..u chui meh? Enjoy : (click on photos to +enlarge)

As u can c..Total Visitors : 1002, Total Hits : 2338. Just say u're a reader of one day..if u visit my blog 10 times..u'll contribute to 1x "Total Visitors" n 10x "Total Hits".

As u can most visited page is of coz the main page lor. My other popular posts include "Gadis Lokap" n "BlueStorm vs Fearless".

This shows how my readers go to my blog. #1 spot : "Self Referring/Bookmarker" shows that there are readers who bookmark(Ctrl+D) my site so it's easier for them to get here. #2 spot is through Google Search. #3 spot shows again that my "Gadis Lokap" post is quite popular.

For people who came to my site through Search Engines like Google n Yahoo..they used keywords like the above to guide them here. As u can see(recently)..they actually just wanna download the "Fearless" mp3 by Jay Chou..go buy the original la. I can onli hope they found my "BlueStorm vs Fearless" post interesting..hehe.

This one keng hor? The site knows wat Operating Systems my readers are using too! Windows XP tops!

WAT?!? Web browsers too? IE tops followed by Firefox, Opera, n Netscape. I remembered once(a long time ago) when Netscape used to be a tough competitor to IE..not anymore eh?

So if u'd like a site statistic too..hop over to blogpatrol for one. So congrats to me n i hope it continues to improve eh..say..20,000 hits a day? Then i can replace Xiaxue n become Asia's #1 Blog. (Eh..stop muntah'ing leh..give face abit can anot?)


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