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I've just received an anonymous comment(i dunno y but some of the comments r not showing on blogspot..damn blogspot) by e-mail. After double-checking with Elaine(didn't tell me earlier..haih)..i'm currently smacking myself at the wall now. My personal assistant Ms Wong oredi HAS a blog..damn(Ms Wong..u like play mysterious yeah? Why din tell me?). Okok..since i've already said i wan groom her to become the next i'll thus invite u all come beramai-ramai start read her blog yeah..i'm sure she can make it. Give her a click >>here<<. Ms Wong..paiseh sincere apologies.

p/s : Her blog is the really REAL type of blog. She writes about her life, her feelings, her thoughts. Not like some fictitous blogger who writes exaggeratively just for readers' sake. Damn that use.


muahahaha.. the anonymous commenter strikes again. you never check your email one ka? very the kurang cekap la. everytime she blog also got email datang from friendster. :P

Anonymous said...
2:03 AM  

coz i sudah disabled the thingy..found it very kacau la. anyways..u still wan remain anonymous?

E-quan said...
2:27 AM  

of coz. for fun. if i dont wanna be anonymous i sure log in d rite? must have some mystery type of feeling ma.

Anonymous said...
2:38 AM  

btw, dont groom Ms Wong to become the next xiaxue la. u never read the latest controversy about xiaxue ah? and also, i'm not a fan of hers.

Anonymous said...
4:52 AM  

Ya I agree with Anonymous. Not a fan of xiaxui either.
Fireangel forever!!!

Derek said...
2:38 PM  

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