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Gadis Lokap

Well well..this has confirmed rocked our country! I've been following this news these few's that captivative. far we've onli heard one side of the story..we haven't heard from the police i dowanna make any conclusion..just to be fair. But imagine if YOU were forced to strip n perform a series of ear squats AND u are being caught on tape! Now that's called humiliation.

I have always imagined that(coz watched too many movies) how was i to react if i was framed by the authorities? Ever thought of the police putting a pack of drugs in ur car..catch u on the spot..put u in jail? matter how i think of the the ways to the end i come to the conclusion..SURE DIE. But after thinking further..i thought "Why think this way? Why would the police wanna frame me?" True the best policy would be "Don't find trouble and trouble won't find you!" Unless u're so fp(face problem) that some1 wanna kena-kan u anyways..hehe.

For the ones finding this post completely rubbish n out of topic(i myself am)..maybe this is wat u were looking for. The video footage(not full version) of "Gadis Lokap" courtesy of MalaysiaKini : You judge.

p/s : any1 found the full version plz inform me. thx.


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