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Today another killer paper named Digital Signal Processing aka Damn Shitty Paper..but's over..quite relieved actually. Today i was waiting for an important phone call :

[around 1:30pm]
Me : Hello..SO HOW SO HOW?!?
Mom : Haha..prepare go buy present.
Me : really wan ar?? Wah..confirm damn proud liao la. This time she sure ride on ur head oredi la!
* (Cantonese) To ride on someone's head ~ to control a person. The one that had been "ridden on" has to listen to his/her commands.
* (English) Ridden ~ ride(past participle).
Mom : Yeah la..wat to do..she really did it ma.
Me : Okok..bye.
Mom : Bye.

Haha..i'm sure u're quite blur now. Just sengaja wan a lengthy opening..ngek ngek. Actually today is the official UPSR results release day(my little sis is 12 yrs old if u still remember). And my sis got
(she's in a Chinese school so she took 7 subjects)

Keng-nya! Her results surpassed her 2 elder brothers. CONGRATULATIONS! Shit la..wat to buy for her?


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