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The meaning..

Well well..i dunno how..but u’ve just stumbled upon the blog of Yi Quan(pronounced as YEE-KUAN in english n YEE-CHUEN in chinese). However..i shall be known as E-quan, this is shall I call this..cyber name? Okok..i think my 1st post should be about wat’s the meaning of this blog entitled “Confirm Cekap”. It’s kinda like built into me..these 2 words “confirm” n “cekap” r my most frequently used words(I think). Separately, “confirm” means “positive, sure, imminent”. You can use it in a lot of ways..that’s y it has top my most frequently used words. Eg when somebody asks u any would be kinda boring to answer : Yes, yeah, etc. Giving the question-er that u’re not really paying attention or giving it enough thought. So guys n gals..change ur answer to “CONFIRM”!

Hermione : Hey Harry, I heard u’re getting married tomolo!
Harry : CONFIRM! How’d u know?

Ron : My that girl hot or not?!?
Harry : CONFIRM! Bet she’s attached though.

For the word “cekap”, it’s a malay word which means “great, good, nice”. It too has various usages. Let me go directly to the examples.

In a game of dota…
(the Scourge is OWNING, Triple KILL, sombody stop HIM!)
Harry : CEKAP! Saw that saw that. I just pawned 3!
Ron : Yeah la yeah la..i whack half way u come sapu..of coz la.

Ron : Hey..CEKAP! See that girl over there? I’ve just successfully dated her.
Harry : You sure it’s a her?
Ron : NNNOOOOOOoooooo…

When joint, “confirm cekap” literally means “definitely nice, superb”. You shall use this to stress a point. Your listener will definitely know wat u mean. Examples :

Ron : Hey Hermione, have u listened to Jay’s new song? How was it?

Ron : How was that match? I heard Arsenal won.
Harry : CONFIRM CEKAP! Lehmann’s long was accepted by Henry, then a swift pass to Pires, Bergkamp, back to Henry, then Reyes, Bergkamp, Pires…(after 14 more passes)..and Henry finishes with a volley from his left foot to the top right hand corner of the goal post!

There u go..a “brief” explanation of what the title of my blog means. Cekap rite? Yeah..confirm! Oh..there I go again. Ok..thanks for ur time. More to come from me yet. Cheers!


eh...I should have post my comment on "confirm...cekappp" here..haha... :p

Lowkei said...
2:44 AM  

whoa.. equan also got blog d. confirm cekap. =P

Chia said...
4:39 PM  

comfirm cekap !!! i like this !!

FireMice said...
1:44 AM  

confirm celup !!! i love this !!

e-kwan said...
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