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Cup or Glass?

Minasan konnichiwa! Sorry for the delay..i was abit lazy busy. Yeah..finals r finally over! A good cause for celebration. I'm oredi back in Klang btw. Home sweet home. I would just like to share with u something amusing which i encountered at Sushi King just b4 my Potter movie(the movie is nice! Sorry but i dunot agree with you). So here it goes :

I was having my dinner with Elaine..then this ang-mo(westerner) came in. I could listen to wat he was saying becoz i was so pat sitting quite near to him. He ordered a 7-Up from a malay waiter. I didn't know Sushi King's service nowdays so cha edi. The waiter dare-dare(means with alot of courage) bring a seven-up tin with a straw on top of it n put infront of the ang-mo. The ang-mo was quite taken aback n with his queered(strange)-eyes he asked, "Do u have a glass?" with his so-fine-English.
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Oh well..i thought. Of coz u need to bring the customer a glass. The waiter must have mistaken that he was serving in some mamak or kopitiam(hey wait..mamaks or kopitiams have plastic cups too!). So the waiter was away for a second n got him this :
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Haha..he dare-dare bring him this(this is used for the green tea). So with even-queerer eyes the ang-mo looked at him n said, "I said i want a glass, that's a cup!" with his so-fine-English. Wow..i laughed so hard that i fell from my chair!(nola..joking). Erm..the malay waiter didn't know wat a glass is? Should be no gua. Just thought maybe give the ang-mo a cup oso will do rite? the waiter went into the kitchen to get the right thing. After a minute of searching..he came out n put this in front of the ang-mo :
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MUAHHAHAAHAHahhahaha....i fell from my chair again n rolled on the floor for a few metres! The ang-mo must be thinking, "@#%T$@^!" then. I think he was so SO frustrated that he "lost" to the malay waiter n he "SURRENDERED"! In the end he had to be content with his "glass". Quite pityful both of them. We left b4 the ang-mo..dunno still got any farnie business anot la..damn.


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