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Mr 'Fei' SEL

Good day my fellow citizens..are u all ready to kick some asses? Okok..this might prove to be my best post yet. Coz generally i won't like u all to have the idea that i came up with this all by myself..i shall tell u all the truth : We[Me, Elaine, HooiEan, HooiMin, IanCing, n SueiHuey(my p.a.)] were happily munching away with our cendawan gorengs when "EUREKA"..somebody shouted(i will not tell who)..n thus the below was born.

As u all might know..we really have alot of 'fei'(direct translation means "rubbish" but can oso mean "humorous", "entertaining", "ppl with alot of ideas", etc.) guys in our course : 4th year Electrical & Electronics Engineering, UTM. So hor..we really NEED to find out who's the champion of them all n crown him Mr 'Fei' SEL. However..the winner should not feel ashamed becoz..every1 thinks u're the TRUE ONE who enlightens all when in class. The winner oso entitles himself to a brand new BMW 530i(rm478,000)!!! One more thing..for the winner..we shall call him Mr SEL instead..coz HE IS!

Okok..without much ado..i shall explain the Rules & Regulations :
1. As u all can c below..this is a contest of poll voting.
2. Contestants r seperated into 8 groups(Group A - H) according to their residence. The ones who r the single guy in their house have been grouped into Group H. Why u ask? No reason..b'coz this is my blog n i can do watever i like. =)
3. a voter..can onli vote once for each group per day.
4. ATTENTION : For groups C, D, E, & H..u have to scroll down to see the complete contestants list. Plz dun ter-ignored them.
5. The theory is : The winner from each group will then compete in the grand final where the last 8 contestants will battle for their lives.
6. The 1st-runner up shall be reappointed as Mr 'Fei' SEL should the winner fails to perform his required duties.
7. This preliminary round will close on Sunday(22/01/06) at exactly 11:59pm. The final poll will be up by Monday(23/01/06) at exactly 12:00am.
8. Plz do not try to hack..the security of this poll equals those of the CIA's. Remember : We will trace u!
9. Amendments can be made to this poll without prior notice(nola..i dun mean i'll change the vote figures la..come on..think like an adult). This is for just-in-case onli.
10. B'coz this is so darn interesting..i will suggest that u bookmark this blog by pressing Ctrl+D now!

Create polls and vote for free.

Create polls and vote for free.

Create polls and vote for free.

Create polls and vote for free.

Create polls and vote for free.

Create polls and vote for free.

Create polls and vote for free.

Create polls and vote for free.

If this Mr 'Fei' SEL is proven to be a success..we shall embark on the girls of SEL. Becoz the girls think that with a title Ms 'Fei' SEL will drop her status to the utmost i was thinking maybe we can just do a simple Ms SEL where the winner is judged by her personality, friendliness, n involvement in 4SEL itself. Dowan keep play physical beauty onli shallow..paiseh ha all the lengluis. Any suggestions can be made by leaving a comment. Let's have a toast to 4SEL..cheers!


Erm...can I vote for Lai Soon? Oops he's 5th year. Perhaps you could put him in another category, say Group X.
Haha...sorry but I don't know every one of the names listed, so I just vote for the ones I know.

Derek said...
2:04 PM  

Ya when will the poll for girls start? Come on lah...don't keep us waiting.
Put in their pictures too, easier to vote...hahah.

Derek said...
2:11 PM  

good 1 now i'll have to persuade the girls to give me permission to post their photos. wahaha..y is it becoming like ms universe pageant? i strictly wan personality, friendliness, n involvement in SEL leh..wahhaa!

E-quan said...
2:15 PM  

actually it's a bit unfair you know. to separate the guys into groups. haha.. so actually yenpin's 100% is setara with your 80%. :P coz hor, both also 8 votes ma.

Chia said...
3:15 PM  

A passer-by casting his vote... :P Not a SEL guy anyway, don't mind me voting yup? Just voting for the ones I know as well. And yeah, roll out the gals poll!!! Growl!

Anonymous said...
5:48 PM  

to chia : about fairness, plz read rules n regulations #2. i can make u c that it's fair : every guy is representing their house in this competition..the glory goes to the house too! for the guys that's in Group H..wahaha..too bad =P

to anonymous : of coz dun mind u voting. but walaueh..after reading all comments..y all onli wan the girls poll wan? must include photos(plain, swim suit, evening gown) n hp no. anot? tsk tsk tsk.

E-quan said...
2:35 AM  

LOL. you know la.. ppl dont read rules and regulation one ma. my eyes automatically ignored them. paiseh..paiseh..

Chia said...
4:48 AM  

Sad dei..i not in 4SEL dei.. :~~(


Yee Chong said...
11:35 PM  

this is the problem when i call ppl read Rules & Regulations they all "mai tia". I got say must scroll down to c the full list ma. To yeechong : got ppl voted for u oso..they must be very disappointed la. haih haih. next time plz read the instructions. dun simply say oh..n CS parking is rm2.

E-quan said...
4:31 AM  

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