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Tanpa disedari..i sudah reach my 200th post for my blog! See how i celebrated my 100th post here.

Instead of writing something special in accordance to my 200th post, i shall instead write about something happy that we're gonna do this Friday nite(tomolo). We're gonna watch..

Everybody buy present k. Write till 200th post liao must show appreciation ma..hehe.

FYI, just barely half an hour ago i berjaya booked the tickets d..20tix!

Date: 23/3/07 (Friday)
Time: 9:50pm
Venue: TGV Tebrau City

List of participants
1. Me
2. Elaine
3. CheeSon
4. WeiAng
5. Chin2
6. YenPin
7. YeeVoon
8. YinTing
9. BeeYong
10. HooiMin
11. MeiYi
12. Kelvin
13. IanCing
14. Ah Tian
15. Ean-jie
16. Bong
17. TzeKeong
18. KianKhee
19. LowKei
20. SzeLek (pending)

If u see ur name above then suddenly think.."Shit..might need FFK d". PLEASE DON'T!
I give u a few reasons y u shouldn't ffk(fong fei kei/break promise) me.
#1. U should never ever ffk E-quan.
#2. U promised u can make it in the first place.
#3. U think very easy arrange a movie-meet like this izzit?
#4. U think very easy call masuk the TGV hotline izzit?
#5. I personally need go one hour earlier to collect the tix n pay for u first..tak malu ke?

I think that will do. Plz dun ffk. If ffk oso find some1 ganti. So hor..that day be punctual oh. Wish u all a pleasant weekend ahead. Dun forget my presents. Treat me makan oso can. =P


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